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Ansys tutorials based on harmonic analysis

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    can i get ansys tutorials based on harmonic analysis of spring,damper & mass assembly.
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    Re: ansys

    i have already gone through http://www.mece.ualberta.ca/Tutorials/ansys/, but dont get what i need.

    I want to have tutorial on the harmonic analysis of spring,damper & mass system using ansys software.

    Pls reply ASAP.
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    Re: ansys

    I hate to do the obligatory RTFM, but the ANSYS help modules are MORE than enough to get you started. Start by reading about creating nodes and elements. From there, all you need to do is look at element types


    and then...
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    Re: ansys

    Yes, a tutorial with ANSYS is only a starting point. ANSYS requires patience and lots of it.
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