Medical Anxiety clinical studies need support

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    I am conducting clinical studies on anxiety treatment but would like to look into a clinical support service. Would anybody happen to know of any good ones? I was referred by a friend to link deleted but I would like to get some more feedback on other services. Would anybody care to help? I would appreciate it alot.
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    Please explain what you mean by clinical support service. We don't allow advertising here, btw.
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    i apologize for the link,

    but by clinical support service, i mean a support service that supplies data rooms to secure data and research in clinical trials for reasons such as patenting a product. that is only one of the many functions they hold however.
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    do you need any equipments in these rooms? There are a few places that might fit your needs
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    Anxiety can be crippling at most - many, many people suffer many anxious episodes for reasons they cannot deduce.

    Of course we are all familiar with normal reactive anxiety.... where we feel worried and physically impacted by a situation or fear, It is when the cause is a mystery and we are unable to cognitively mediate the symptoms that anxiety really becomes an issue.

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