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Any advice for a power electronics newbie?

  1. Apr 18, 2017 #1
    I realize there are a lot of people on this forums in a related field of study.

    Was wondering if there was something you wish you would have done at/from the start of your career?
    I am graduate student in the field and am about to start an internship soon. Was wondering if there was anything I could do to improve my learning.

    Thanks in advance
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    What kind of Power Engineering? Designing power supplies and power electronics, or working with AC Mains power distribution through the Power Grid?
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    Thank you for your response and interest.
    My projects have included both power supply design and converter design. Lately I have been working on multilevel inverters and converters related to microgrid systems (MPPT Controlled Boost, PWM/resonant inverters).

    (I have been exploring power management and automotives as well). So basically just power electronics and NOT what falls under power systems/distribution through power grid/protection
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    That's great that you are starting an internship soon -- that should give you good experience.

    I would suggest learning more about the safety regulations involved in power electronics that connect to AC Mains power and also to high voltage batteries (like Electric Vehicles). As you work with power electronics designs, many aspects of the designs are affected by safety regulations to keep users of the systems as safe as possible. The spacing ("creepage and clearance") of conductors carrying AC Mains or other high voltages need to be followed, and the isolation of low-voltage output circuits from the AC Mains involves a number of tricks and techniques. Hopefully you can learn some of that information at your internship. Some of the safety regulations involved are found under the specification EN 60950. Other safety standards will likely also apply to your work, depending on the type of system you are designing...

    http://ulstandards.ul.com/standard/?id=60950-1_1 [Broken]

    Beyond that, have you learned much about Power Factor Correction yet? It does sound like you've worked with Maximum Power Point converters already, right?
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    Yes, sir. I have both read up on and implemented MPPT control in my projects. With regards to PFC, I have had it as part of my coursework, but I would guess it was not too detailed.

    Will definitely find time to look up the regulations that you mentioned. Thanks a lot for your time.
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