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Any employers\employees here willing to shed some light on BCIT's reputation?

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    I was thinking of applying to BCIT's Electrical Engineering program and I was curious what employers expect out of BCIT graduates in the Electrical Engineering Field and what they typically find with the grads (i.e work-habbits and if they are prepared or not for the work field.)

    You can see a list of courses here:

    Further, that course shares the same first year with the this: http://www.bcit.ca/study/programs/548adiplt [Broken]

    I don't mind if you muster a response that isn't relavent to BCIT. Thanks.
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    I can't give you much advice or comment on BCIT's general reputation, but I can mention that I have a friend who went to BCIT and got a job in his field. It wasn't in electrical engineering but rather some sort of medical technology(/engineering?) 2 year program. His job is out in Saskatchewan, and I think he's been sent around to various places for training. Of course, he got his job a number of years ago now, so I don't know what the outlook for jobs is now (or would be in a few years when you graduate). So, I would wager BCIT has a good reputation and gets people jobs, but I don't know how an electrical engineering degree from BCIT's 2 year program would be viewed against someone with an electrical engineering degree from SFU or UBC.
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    I do agree with you in regards to the program length; however the bachelors in electrical engineering is 4 years (including the shared year with a diploma in Computer engineering technology)

    I was thinking of applying to SFU but I hear the first three years are all book work. The difference between UBC\SFU etc and BCIT is that BCIT - or so I hear - employs a different learning strategy; its a lot more practice and, I assume, a little less theory. Also, I hear bcit is (in)famous for working their students really hard to get the courses done really fast.
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    Yeah, I mention SFU/UBC vs. BCIT merely to bring it up in case it is important - I don't know how employers view the different degrees, and all I really know about SFU's engineering programs is that a co-op work term is mandatory (at least, it used to be - I assume it still is but I don't know for sure).
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    Well, financially speaking at least, BCIT is really my best option; plus there is a very dramatic increase in competition over in SFU and UBC which I don't want to get myself involved in.

    With that said, I would really like to confirm that this is the right choice for me because I can't afford (literally) to make a mistake in regards to my post-secondary education.

    If someone doesn't mind, could they go over the course list and comment on it a bit - sorry I am pushing all this work on you guys I just don't know what to look for.

    Thanks for your advice Mute :) .
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