Any good Physics notetaking software?

  1. I currently use one note, but the drawing functions doesn't even include curves. So basically a big fail.

    Is there any good software for this?
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  3. If you're attempting to take notes in a physics or mathematics class with a computer and still haven't figured out that a pen and paper is infinitely more efficient, you've got bigger problems than poor software.
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    I can type plain text faster than I can write legibly. Equations and diagrams are another matter, which is why (if I were a student today) I would still use pen and paper for on-the-spot note-taking in class. Maybe a tablet with a stylus, that creates GIF or JPEG images or something similar.
  5. Thanks for your helpful reply. I too cannot legibly write out my physics notes, so I use a laptop. I actually find equations to be not much of an issue, as I usually just add it to my auto complete dictionary, so when type [mtm is spits out p = mv for example.

    The only thing I do have an issue with is the diagrams. I use one note as I said, but I was hoping for something that can do physics diagrams easily. I was wondering what program the textbook writers use, possibly that could help, but I guess the cost might be prohibitive or it might not be optimized for speedy note taking.

    I have been looking into a laptop with a touch screen pen input, and I like the lenovo X series tablet. It's also 5000 Kiwi dollars. :grumpy: I like that because it has a screen behind it, but barring that, the wacom bamboo pen looks decent, and I don't think the small size would be an issue. I also just want a wacom because they're cool and I could use it on my home PC for light graphic design. Lenovo also makes a netbook version of the X series tablet on their consumer line, and that looks promising.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
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    In a working environment I've had some success collection white board notes with a simple camera and some correction software. This way none of the participants have to divert their attention away from the matter subject to concentrate on the practical issues of taking notes. For me that is nice since I suck at taking notes and understand what's being said at the same time. There may be problems translating this for use in a lecture hall, but if I had to do university again I surely would consider bringing a camera.
  7. Thanks for the help guys :D

    I think I'm going to get that tablet netbook, my current laptop is dying so it's time for an upgrade. I don't need anything fast cause I have a sweet desktop at home.

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