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Any good resources that help you practice setting up an integral from scratch?

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    Take a look at the following problem:

    "A rubber band with initial length L has one end tied to a wall. At t = 0, the other
    end is pulled away from the wall at speed V (assume that the rubber band stretches
    uniformly). At the same time, an ant located at the end not attached to the wall
    begins to crawl toward the wall, with speed u relative to the band. Will the ant
    reach the wall? If so, how much time will it take?"

    I would like to know if there is any website or book that gives you practice with problems like these. It basically involves setting up an integral using the concept of infinitesimals ("dx"). At least, that is my take on it.

    One doesn't come across this sort of stuff in a standard calculus textbook. What is this technique officially called and where can I get more practice using it? I would appreciate your responses.

    Thanks :)
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