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Any Help for a Highschooler just getting into Science?

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    So I've always been fairly good at whatever science I learned in elementary and middleschool (which was mostly biology), and i've fairly enjoyed it, but I've only recently started really learning, and I've come to love it. I've especially found quantum physics interesting, however, seeing as I just got past freshman year (and thus only have math knowledge up to pre-algebra) i find many parts involving math difficult to follow. School's out for the summer, and I was hoping someone had some resources to beginners quantum mechanics or perhaps a good place to learn algebra 1.
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    Nevermind, i can answer this myself. There are lots of places on this website alone, not to mention most things are a google search away. Sorry for the dumb question.
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    Try to take summer classes in community college thats what im doing.
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    Im also very interested in Qm and Im taking trigonometry and suggest you to take algebra 1 in a community college you will not regret, just do well in the class.
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    You can begin learning through the OpenCourseWare from MIT. The last time I checked out their videos on quantum mechanics it was really fun. And they mention the prerequisites for the course on the webpage so you can go back to clear your basics if you feel stuck. Also, I heard that Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers by David Miller is a good and readable book on the topic. It contains the basic background maths required in the appendices which you can find on the back of the book. Good Luck!
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    Every thing is there it's just whether you have commitment, but make sure you get ahead in math because math is very very important.
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    QM demands much of math. The following QM video-course by David Miller https://lagunita.stanford.edu/courses/Engineering/QMSE01./Autumn2015/about
    (which I personally much value) contains 10 very brief background mathematics review lessons which I can define as a very minimalistic set of prerequirements for QM studying. You may want to pass through them to see what you need to know, but I cannot promise that this will be sufficient. In fact it rather looks for me as 20-30% of what one needs to learn and understand in math in order to study QM.
    One option might be to start with this course and then to see if you need anything more through it (the course is rather self-contained and well adapted for beginners), but I cannot say whether it is a good or bad idea to learn math&QM this way. It may work for you very well, or you may spoil your math/physics education.
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