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Any Ideas for a Good Physics Research/ Report Project

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    Hi, I am trying to think of a really interesting physics topic to do a research & report project (basically an essay) on for my a level physics course work. I have got to come up with a title in the form of a question to write approx 2000 words on. I am finding it really difficult to think of something, I find pretty much all of physics so interesting, its hard to pinpoint one topic to write about.

    I really like to do some aspect of space, universe etc. or something to do with light. I thought about maybe black holes, but i think a lot of students would do that. I was wondering if anybody out there could think of any interesting topics that i could research, something a bit different. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    Here are some other ideas i have thought about.

    Where did it all begin? (origins of the universe)
    Does the universe have a speed limit?

    one other idea i have thought about is if we placed a mirror out in space, could we look back to earth at a younger time. IE, placing a mirror 1 lightyear away, we could see earth 2 years ago, but not sure how far you could go with talking about that one,
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    Here's a couple of thoughts that come to mind:

    Quantum Entanglement
    Virtual Particles
    Vacuum Energy
    Holographic Principle
    Time Dialation
    Quantum Tunneling
    Black Hole Information Paradox
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