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Any ideas of how to represent a list in pseudo-code in LaTex?

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    I'm working with the algorithmic and algorithm packages in LaTeX and looking for a way to perform some operations on a list in the algorithm.. Any ideas how I can do that? Any advice is highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Can't really get what you ask about...

    Do you ask how to print list structures (boxes with dots and arrows) in LaTeX?

    Or maybe you are a fan of Dirty Tricks and ask how to port some Lisp program to [itex]\TeX[/itex]? - if so - be more specific what you want to do.
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    I'm looking for a standard way to represent a list (data structure) in pseudo-code. I looked at the documentation of standard algorithmic packages in latex, e.g.


    but could find anything about lists.

    Pls, let me know if I need to be more clear.
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    In particular, I want to be able to represent the following operations

    list l
    l.add(l1,i) //add element l1 in the i-th position
    l.remove(j) // remove an element in the j-th position
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    I am not familiar with publications about list processing, so could you give an example of any (available online) paper, where such diagrams are used and printed in a manner you want to achieve?

    BTW: for many papers you may retrieve not only pdf, but also TeX source, so you may steal the solution from other author
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