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Any information about Edinburgh M.Sc Mathematical Physics

  1. Jun 22, 2015 #1
    Hey everyone,
    I just got my admission from the following programs:
    MSc Mathematical Physics --Edinburgh
    MSc Theoretical Physics -- Durham
    MSc Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces -- IC

    I have a BSc in Mathematical Science, and I wish to continue a Phd study in particle physics and cosmology after MSc. Considering the fact that Edinburgh's Mathematical Physics degree provides a more sufficient content of math than Durham& IC, it's really possible for me to go to Edinburgh. However, there's extremely limited information of this Edinburgh's program. It seems it's under the Higgs centre for theoretical physics,is it prestigious? Is there anyone from this program to talk about it?

    BTW, someone told me that for a student from mathematical background, it's completely waste of time to do a theoretical physics MSc. Is that the case? thx!
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    As far as I know, the MPhys year is just the same as "Year 5" for Edinburgh undergrad students. If that's the case, this page has a list/descriptions of the courses you could take: http://www.drps.ed.ac.uk/15-16/dpt/utmapym.htm
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