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Edinburgh theoretical physics msc

  1. Feb 20, 2015 #1
    Hi, I'm really into particle theory and I applied for msc particles, strings and cosmology in Durham and msc of theoretical physics in Edinburgh. I know the msc in Durham is a really good one. However, since the msc in Edinburgh is a new one there is little information about it. It will be great if someone tell me something about this msc and give me some advice on these two programs. Thanks!!
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    Is there a curriculum posted for Edinburgh? Ideally, one could compare curricula.

    Unless someone has attended both universities, it might be difficult to compare programs.


    Perhaps, one can contact the department of physics and ask for a curriculum with which to compare with the program at Durham.
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    Greetings .

    I am on exactly the same path , I applied to Edinburgh and to Durham and was accepted at both .
    Consulting my professors from my bachelor I was informed that the University of Durham has an outstandingly better team, and therefore I decided to go for the MSc at Durham ( the PSC one ) .

    Not offering any great piece of advice , I know , Just telling you what I am doing , being in the same spot that you are.
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    Thanks for sharing Marios. There 's a good chance we will meet at Durham.
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