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Any numbers being Complex numbers

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    Are there any numbers that is not considered to be a subset of a complex number subset of

    a + bi

    Where a and b are real numbers?
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    Define "number".

    I'm asking because the concept of number is not well-defined in mathematics. There are a lot of things which carry the name "number", like real number, transfinite number, p-adic number, hyperreal number, etc. All these things are called numbers and often have no obvious relationship to eachother. The concept of a number is too broad. It is not defined in mathematics.
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    I don't know as much as micromass on this subject, but I just read this on wikipedia and I think it might interest the OP.

    On the wiki page of Number, it says under the header "Complex Numbers" the following:
    which is the same wording at the OP used, so maybe he chould check out hypercomplex numbers.
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    Numerical quantities described with vectors of more than two elements or tensors cannot, as a general rule, be described as complex numbers.
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