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Any plausable scientific explaination for the temperature rise in western U.S.?

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    I was wondering if there is any solid scientific explaination for the very recent temperature rise in the western-coast of the United States. I live in Arizona, and it's been over 75 degrees for the past week or so. Is this a complete meteorological anomaly? Or does science have some sort of possible theory as to what is going on?
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    Is that really unusual? :confused:

    Wait a second -- is that even accurate? I just checked Arizona weather; at this moment, there isn't a single reading over 72 degrees.
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    That isn't normal for January...
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    It's called weather. In other parts of the US, it's abnormally cold. I'll look, but it's most likely due to the patterns of the "jet streams". As you can see from this map, warm air from the southwest is flowing into Arizona right now.

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    From http://phoenix.about.com/od/weather/a/averagetemps.htm
    Average high temperature: 66
    Average low temperature: 41
    Warmest ever: 88
    Coldest ever: 17

    That 22 degree different between the record and average high (and the 24 degree difference between the average and record low) means Phoenix' weather in January is highly variable. Temperatures in the low seventies are not abnormal.
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    I'd give anything to be in that heat, can you send the jet stream this way please?
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    I grew up there. Sounds pretty normal to me. "I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas. Just like the ones I used to know." You're making me homesick.
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    Be careful what you wish for, we are mostly on the Same Latitude as Southern Canada, and we get warm air/currents from the gulf stream. This you'd think would be great, but cold rain beats cold snow hands down. Not had a white Christmas in the more Southern parts where I live for over 30 years. :frown:

    What you need to do is write an article and give it to the news, claiming that the recent warm winter is the result of global warming. After all if they can do the converse about the cold winters up 'til now, then you can use the same silly ideas foisted on us by newspapers.
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