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I Any sources on how to generate a nomogram?

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    I've been very interested in analog computers lately, and a simple application of one has come up at work where I simply need to solve for RPM given a part diameter and feed (tangential) speed. It's simple enough to do the calculation in each instance, but I think it would be useful for the machine operators to refer to a nomogram for this purpose. A table would work too, but that would be rather large and cumbersome. I'm sure a nomogram for this exact application has been made before, but I can't seem to find one on the web, and I think it would be a good exercise to generate one myself.
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    I have some MATLAB experience, but none in Python. I was thinking of going the pencil and paper route to determine if the scales should be linear or log (pretty sure linear in this case), and what their spacing/orientation should be, then draw the nomograph in AutoCAD or something. I might try MATLAB (freemat), though my experience with it might not be relevant to this type of task.
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    There was that Java app that I mentioned earlier that might help.
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