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Any suggestions for careers for me?

  1. Sep 15, 2008 #1
    While I am only in high school, I would LIKE to learn a bit more on possible career since I KNOW this will be a problem in the future.

    Here is short:

    I am a huge geek
    I like groundbreaking technology and science and bringing it into everyday life
    I like to be on the move, analyzing things..etc.
    I like politics a bit and travel A LOT too.
    I want opportunities to advance
    I want a nice job,office and enough money to support a family.

    Any suggestions?

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  3. Sep 15, 2008 #2
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    If you are a US citizen, I would get a PhD in something (anything) and then go into government work as an analyst. Work for the DOD or CIA or State Department. They need lots of geeks and there is lots of travel. People I work with regularly travel everywhere. You name it and someone in my office has gone there or are going there: Europe, Mid-East, Australia, you name it. It is not the highest pay but you don't starve and the benefits are great. I recommend a PhD in something because that gives you the best chance to advance.
  5. Sep 15, 2008 #4
    Yeah, I will definitely look into that.
    I'll maybe try for an internship in college.

    Not to mention unparalleled job security.
  6. Sep 16, 2008 #5
    Politics and travel? Why not take a year out after high school and travel to "politically sensitive" destinations/projects. For instance, third world teaching/solar build/count endangered species/sailing tall ships... Taking a year should also give you more perspective on what you want to do with your life. You might want to watch "ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO (2003) *** Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp,..." before deciding to travel abroad with the CIA to see the world (or not).
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    So basically you want the american dream.

    They sell this dream early on I can see.
  8. Sep 17, 2008 #7
  9. Sep 19, 2008 #8
    BTW,Thanks for all the help.
  10. Sep 20, 2008 #9


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    Honestly, that list looks pretty generic. It doesn't give enough information about your real interests to narrow down potential careers at all.

    The good news is, whatever you find yourself liking, those qualities you've described will make it easier to find and keep a job in any field...willingness to travel, interest in implementing new technologies, want to advance in your career, etc.
  11. Sep 21, 2008 #10
    Any suggestions Moonbear?
    Or Questions to help me narrow it down?
    Any books I can read?
  12. Sep 26, 2008 #11


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    Trader in high finance ? :biggrin:
  13. Sep 27, 2008 #12
    Trader the 2nd method....Making you so rich you can do anything
  14. Sep 27, 2008 #13


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    I think vanesch meant his suggestion as a joke, in light of the current crisis on Wall Street. See the big grin?
  15. Sep 27, 2008 #14
    I saw the intent,but responded otherwise.
  16. Oct 5, 2008 #15
  17. Oct 5, 2008 #16
    If all else fails..you can always instead join the Army and be an American Hero. Lot's of travel with the latest High Tech war industries equipment to play with, No? :rolleyes: :tongue:

    http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/307/12ob0.jpg [Broken]

    I'm kidding...just messing with you Haha.
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  18. Oct 7, 2008 #17
    If you are best at science, math and computers, then get a masters or phD in computer science. If you are citizen of USA, you will make fortune in COMPUTER FORENSICS, you can work for FBI or CIA!!!
  19. Oct 11, 2008 #18
    For books, how about a Calc text or something of the sort?
    Read textbooks. Best advice I can give.
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