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Any way to Boost Cell-Signal in my House?

  1. Aug 31, 2009 #1
    I get dog doo-doo for service in my house. I have been through all the major carriers and have found that it is simply just the way it is (that is, it's the house, not the service).

    My house is in a decent sized city with plenty of cell-service everywhere else, but the house 'sits low' with respect to its surroundings. Perhaps this is the root of my problem.

    Has anyone had any experience with any hardware that I can install in the house in order to enhance the signal?

    I have heard that these things exist, but I would a) love a user's personal recommendation and b) not really be sure of how to search for this item online (what would it be called specifically?).

    Any input is great! :smile:

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    Well... Considering I work for AT&T let me give you a few tips..

    A lot of things can contribute to bad signal inside of a building.. Surrounding trees, what the building is made out of, how much cloud cover there is, how many hills are in the area with respect to the location of the towers, the antenna inside of your phone, how old your phone is, and with providers that use SIM cards (like AT&T and T.Mobile), whether or not you have an upgraded SIM card. They are constantly being updated to help with over-the-air updates and with how well signal is recieved by the towers.

    Aside from that, who do you have for service? I know that online on AT&T's website we carry small signal boosters for that exact problem. You set it up in your house and it acts as a small tower inside of your home or wherever you put it, and it boosts the signal of your phone. If you have AT&T, I would hop onto att.com and search for it. Verizon also used to sell them, so if you have verizon, you might be able to find them online there too, because they're not sold in stores.

    Good luck though! And if all else fails... Just open a window in your house and stand next to it haha Unfortunatly that's usually the only thing that works if all else fails..
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    Cool thanks! I just switched to ATT from Sprint and my phone is brand new. So I will look into the signal booster thing.

    EDIT: The ATT website is kind of annoying. They make it really difficult to find products other than phones, and the whole 'page loading' process keeps causing my browser to crash. It's like trying to load a MySpace page :smile:
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    Well, if you can't find it online, I'd suggest going into an AT&T CORPORATE store (has to be a corporate store!) and ask if they can do a Direct Fullfillment on one. They'll be able to find it in the database and order it for you.

    Good luck!
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    Oh it's very annoying. I can't stand it lol And I have to use it pretty much every day...
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    Okay I will try that :smile: Thanks!
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    Hey, Casey! There are lots of automotive places that sell add-on external antennas for cell phones that you can jack into your cell. Why not look into that as a way to get extra signal for your cell? Should be a lot cheaper than installing a wireless relay station, and a lot easier to say "goodbye" to when you no longer need it.
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    Whatever you do, don't fall for these, or similar products.
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    I have heard of 'repeaters' but don't know much about brands. Do you know anything about that brand Russ (Wilson)?

    I have heard that one should expect to pay anywhere from $250-300 and up in order to get the a quality piece.

    But I would hate to make a judgment based on price alone.

    Anyone know what is wrong the 'cheaper' ones? (I have heard that you can find one around $100).

    PS Turbo, I might look into that; but I am looking for more of a 'household' solution for all those that live/visit here with cell phones.

  12. Sep 1, 2009 #11
    you could by a bluetooth headset and then leave your phone in the best signal area of your house and conduct your calls handsfree. Not very practical for SMS though... or really big houses. range on a bluetooth headset is about 10m (but they might be better than later these days, not sure).
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    most web sites, if they're open, are easier searched with google than the site's own search

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    Ah, this was the first thing that came to mind when I read the OP. I remembered the thread you linked but did not remember whether it was good or junk.

    Maybe you can have the roof of the house removed?
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    Sprint sells the AirRave which is excellent and is $99, not sure what AT&T offers.
  16. Sep 3, 2009 #15
    walk out side the house on the side nearest the tower
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    Appears you missed the title:

    Any way to Boost Cell-Signal in my House?
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    lazy high tect
    KISS works for free
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    has anyone tried the generation x antenna boosters?
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    They're a scam.
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