What is Boost: Definition and 138 Discussions

Boost is a set of libraries for the C++ programming language that provides support for tasks and structures such as linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing. It contains 164 individual libraries (as of version 1.76).Most of the Boost libraries are licensed under the Boost Software License, designed to allow Boost to be used with both free and proprietary software projects. Many of Boost's founders are on the C++ standards committee, and several Boost libraries have been accepted for incorporation into the C++ Technical Report 1, the C++11 standard (e.g. smart pointers, thread, regex, random, ratio, tuple) and the C++17 standard (e.g. filesystem, any, optional, variant, string_view).

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  1. mishima

    Help me understand cheap boost module?

    Hi, I recently acquired some of these cheap modules for plasma experiments. I tried dissolving the epoxy off of one of them in an attempt to reverse engineer the circuit. I can see a resistor, diode, and transformer but am unsure about some of the other components. I was wondering if anyone here...
  2. Sciencemaster

    I Gravitational Field Transformations Under Boosted Velocity

    Let's say we have some observer in some curved spacetime, and we have another observer moving relative to them with some velocity ##v## that is a significant fraction of ##c##. How would coordinates in this curved spacetime change between the two reference frames? For example, imagine a...
  3. core7916

    What is the issue with my boost converter design and how can I fix it?

    Hello, I am designing a simple boost circuit, in which I have convert output of 200v. i am testing the idifferent input voltages , 12, 15 and 24v supply. But in each time there is no change in voltage in duty cycle- 20% -40%. like example. i am giving input as 12v. outputs are. duty cycle -...
  4. core7916

    Troubleshooting a Boost Circuit: Voltage Rise & Gate Issues

    Hello. I am creating a boost circuit and there is a lot of problems while testing. Before creating circuit i have simulated circuit in modelsim. Problems. 1. Sudden voltage rise from 40% to 50 % dury cycle. ( i am checking each duty cycle ) 2. When applying a gate voltage to mosfet the the...
  5. nicholas_eng

    I Boost Generators: Physical Meaning & Observable Quantities

    So, all of the generators of the Poincare group are associated with pretty well-known physical quantities. Time translation is associated with energy, space translations with momentum, rotations with angular momentum, and boosts... well, boosts are generated by the "generators of boosts". Do...
  6. T

    COVID Boost Response by Delaying Second Dose -- Pfizer vaccine in elderly

    This applies to the Pfizer vaccine. Article dated May 13, 2021. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01299-y Older people who waited 11–12 weeks for their second jab had higher peak antibody levels than did those who waited only 3 weeks. ...could boost antibody responses after the second...
  7. P

    Engineering Small signal AC modeling for a boost converter with resistive losses

    I've attached my attempts at the solution and the actual question below. I believe the only issue I am having is I don't know how to get rid of "I" in both my final inductor and capacitor equations as the HW states I shouldn't have anything in term of I. I believe I need to put "I" in terms of...
  8. Ntip

    Feedback controller design for boost converter

    I recently started looking into a boost converter design that would be no load most of the time which causes it to operate in DCM. After calculating the duty cycle D, it is dependent on Vi, Vo, L, f, and R. The load R and output voltage Vo are fixed, but I would like to vary the other parameters...
  9. Ntip

    Boost converter duty cycle in DCM

    Hi, This is not a homework problem, I am trying to analyze how various parameters affect a boost converter operating in DCM most of the time. The input and output voltage is fixed so I will eventually like to sweep parameters for D, L, T, Vi, and R. R is less important though. Here I am using...
  10. F

    Looking for advice on a buck boost transformer....

    I have a 45kva GE transformer in the pics and here. Its set up for 480 to 208, i need to wire it for 250v to 208v. Could someone please point me to the correct diagrams for this general type of transformer? Thank you
  11. F

    Calculate a specific boost and rotation

    Let's begin with the first point. a.I) Apply a generic boost in the y-z plane (take advantage of the arbitrariness in deciding the alignment of the y and z axes). \begin{equation*} B_{yz} = \begin{pmatrix} \gamma & 0 & -\gamma v_y & -\gamma v_z \\ 0 & 1 & 0 & 0 \\ -\gamma v_y & 0 &...
  12. K

    I Rotation and Boost of Tensor Components: Meaning?

    If two coordinate systems are related by a rotation or a boost, does it make sense to say the tensors components are rotated or boosted with respect to their components in the original coordinates? For vectors, I think it is standard to say that, but what about general tensors?
  13. nomadreid

    I Lorentz boost -- speed or velocity?

    The Wikipedia article on Lorentz transformations is a bit confusing by its using speed and velocity almost interchangeably: of course γ (Gamma) stays the same, but (letting c=1) t'=γ(t-vx) , then if this is v⋅x, and x stays the same, then there would be a difference if something were going away...
  14. Whitestar

    Knight Rider Turbo Boost Stunt: Redesigning K.I.T.T.

    I've been a Knight Rider fan since I was a kid. One of the coolest features of K.I.T.T. was its ability to turbo boost over obstacles. Now, the kid in me says, "Cool", but the adult in me says, "I very doubt that would work in real life". Years ago, I bought a die-cast model of K.I.T.T. equipped...
  15. Vanadium 50

    Automotive Unexpected Behavior with Audi A3 e-tron Turbocharger boost

    So the other day I plugged in one of those cheap-o OBD-II bluetooth adapters and looked at my car's boost pressure on my phone. Moat of the behaviors look reasonable. Others, not so much. Car is an Audi A3 etron. Has a 1.4T engine putting out 150 hp and an electric motor putting out 100 hp...
  16. Athenian

    I Lorentz Boosts: Finding Speed, Coordinates & Rotation w/ Matrix Multiply

    Recently, I've been studying about Lorentz boosts and found out that two perpendicular Lorentz boosts equal to a rotation after a boost. Below is an example matrix multiplication of this happening: $$ \left( \begin{array}{cccc} \frac{2}{\sqrt{3}} & 0 & -\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}} & 0 \\ 0 & 1 & 0 & 0...
  17. D

    Troubleshooting a Boost Converter Circuit

    i built a boost converter, but it is supposed to boost 4 volts to 8 volts. the multimeter i am using says 0.36 volts. here is the circuit i am using. there is a resistor between the arduino uno and the transistor, i forgot to include that. each resistor i rated 1000 ohms. the capacitor is rated...
  18. S

    I Find CTCs in Kerr Metric: Visualizing Spacetime Geometry

    I have been trying to study some differential geometry and some stuff about manifolds in my efforts to learn about closed timelike curves, but thus far it has been a lot of set theory and I have yet to see the "geometry" aspect. What I really want to know is this: We know how some spacetimes...
  19. D

    I am confused -- how to bias the diode in a boost converter?

    i have been researching how to build a boost converter. according to the articles i have read, when the switch is closed current flows through the switch to the negative terminal. when the switch is opened, the back emf from the inductor and input voltage add, which forward biases the diode. i...
  20. E

    A Applying General Lorentz Boost to Multipartite Quantum State

    I would like to apply a General Lorentz Boost to some Multi-partite Quantum State. I have read several papers (like this) on the theory of boosting quantum states, but I have a hard time applying this theory to concrete examples. Let us take a ##|\Phi^+\rangle## Bell State as an example, and...
  21. jk22

    I Lorentz Boost & Galileo Speed: Exploring Relationship

    What about if the speed parameter in a Lorentz boost were in fact related nontrivially to a Galilean speed ? More formally ##L(v_L)=G(v)\circ F## where L is a Lorentz boost with Lorentz speed ##v_L##, G is a Galileo transformation with speed ##v## and ##F## is still an unknown linear...
  22. N

    Conserved quantities under the Lorentz boost

    In physics, a symmetry of the physical system is always associated with some conserved quantity. That physical laws are invariant under the observer’s displacement in position leads to conservation of momentum. Invariance under rotation leads to conservation of angular momentum, and under...
  23. D

    Unable to build a boost converter

    I have tried building a boost converter. It did not work. How do I get it to work? I used the circuit I found on...
  24. Y

    Step up (boost) MPPT charge controllers?

    I want to charge a 52V 12ah lipo battery directly using 2x 36 cell, 120 watt max solar panels in the most efficient way possible. My current plan is to wire the two solar panels in series to produce one effective 72 cell, 240 watt panel. The peak output voltage is 34 volts at 14 amps. The...
  25. E

    DC to DC boost converter malfunctioning

    Hi, I would like some assistance with a DC to DC boost converter that isn't powering the load I require. The boost converter is one I purchased online. It is a DROK numerical control regulator, 900 watt boost converter. Boost converter specs Input voltage DC 8-60 volts Input current DC 0-15...
  26. T

    Connecting DC Boost Converters in Series

    Hi, I have a graduate level understanding of power electronics. The other day I decided I wanted to series the output of two DC Boost converters. I remembered the simple conceptual circuit of how they worked, and I jumped onto google to see if this could be done safely. What I read was that it...
  27. E

    Problems with a boost converter

    I have a DC to DC boost converter that I purchased. It is a DFrobot DFRO123. I tested the unit by putting a DC voltage supply of 6 volts in the Vin terminal and connected the negative of the supply to the ground terminal. Then I connected a volt meter to the Vout and ground terminal. The boost...
  28. J

    Power required to compress air in a gas turbine

    I'm looking for advice on how much power is required to compress air in a gas turbine engine - parameterised by degree of compression and mass flow. Normal gas turbine engines have exhaust turbine(s) on the same shaft as the air compressors. They bleed some of the exhaust energy to drive the...
  29. K

    I Standard boost, particles with mass M > 0

    Weinberg considers (p.68 QFT Vol. 1) particles with mass M > 0. The Little Group is SO(3). He wants to calculate the rotation W(Λ,p) ≡ L-1(Λp) Λ L(p). He says that for this we need to choose a standard boost L(p) which carries the four momentum from kμ = (0,0,0,M) to pμ. He then shows the...
  30. J

    Coupled inductor boost converter - Ripple current

    I am trying to calculate the ripple current in boost converter for ∆i1 and ∆i2 between time intervals between DT and T, and also dependent on the voltage level (Vin or Vin-Vout). To find a formula for ∆i1 and ∆i2, two formulas have to be derived for them. This is done from the equation: I...
  31. MarkFL

    MHB Firefox Revamped: Update Brings Speed & Efficiency Boost!

    Earlier today, when I saw that Firefox was installing an update when I fired it up, I did my usual groaning facepalm and wondered what I might find broken this time. I've been a faithful Firefox user since 2004, shortly after it appeared on the market. But in recent years, my loyalty has been...
  32. T

    Booster transformer topology for transmission application

    Hi, Regarding transmission line booster transformer topologies I'm curious as to what would happen over all the possible permutations. I refer you to the following: http://top10electrical.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/booster-transformer.html I presume that in real life the booster transformers...
  33. Brandon91man

    Understanding DC/DC Converters: Simplifying the Basics for Solar Panel Systems

    Hello, I am trying to understand DC/DC converters because I want to use some with my solar panel system and I want to understand exactly how to use them in general. The videos I've looked up are confusing and I can't seem to find something to read that will help me understand. Is there some...
  34. T

    Using two connected Yagi antennas to "bend" a mobile signal

    I have a typical problem. I have two bars mobile signal in my attic - none at ground floor level. The reason is a roadside pole transmitter less than 500m away installed down in a dip behind houses (duh!) An electrically powered signal booster is illegal in the UK which atracts a £5000 fine...
  35. T

    Boost converter output voltage spike on startup

    I'm trying to simulate a boost converter using multisim. I get this waveform Why does it spike like that at the start ?, is it because of the inrush current ?
  36. T

    Boost converter capacitor charging question

    I don't understand this part. When the inductor is charging, the capacitor current should be decreasing because its supplying the load. When the inductor is discharging (after DT), the capacitor should be charging and hence the current should be increasing, but in the figure its decreasing, why...
  37. T

    Maximizing Efficiency: The Role of Feedback in Boost Converter Switch Design

    I'm looking into the design of the control circuit for the mosfet. If I know the output voltage and input voltage then I can find the duty cycle required. I found this schematic that uses feedback Source https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/2031 Why would I need feedback...
  38. T

    Boost converter inductor discharging question

    I'm reading up on boost converters and so far I understand that it basically uses the inductor as a source together with the actual supply voltage to boost the voltage. During the discharging period, why would the current (if allowed to) drop to zero ?, wouldn't the supply or battery still be...
  39. T

    I Lorentz group, boost and indices

    Compare this with the definition of the inverse transformation Λ-1: Λ-1Λ = I or (Λ−1)ανΛνβ = δαβ,...(1.33) where I is the 4×4 indentity matrix. The indexes of Λ−1 are superscript for the first and subscript for the second as before, and the matrix product is formed as usual by summing over...
  40. O

    Boost converter in Simulink problem

    Hi I am trying to simulate a boost converter in Simulink, but I have a problem. When I measure the inductor current it shows as a triangular waveform instead of an exponential waveform like I would expect, does anyone know why? Does simulink do some simplification I am not aware of...
  41. X

    Lorentz boost to obtain parallel E and B fields?

    Homework Statement Suppose given an electric field \vec{E} and a magnetic field \vec{B} in some inertial frame. Determine the conditions under which there exists a Lorentz transformation to another inertial frame in which \vec{E} || \vec{B} Homework Equations If we give a Lorentz boost along...
  42. Scraps

    I Boost Your Math Skills: Suggested Sites for Algebra & Calculus Practice

    Is there a website that anyone can suggest to practice Algebra, and/ or Calculus?
  43. Kateridi

    Boost a 36V e-scooter from Greece Crete

    I buy electric scooter in 2005 1000w 36v with 3 batteries of 12v 50ah it's, I was used for 4 years til the batteries finish. Recently I disite to used again but because we have here (Crete) many mountains and became empty the batteries very fast from heaviness to buy half size batteries 26Ah...
  44. srinaath

    Understanding inductive kickback in boost converter

    please correct me if i am worng with the understading of inductive kickback,"voltage polarity across inductor will be such that it opposes the source voltage"... inductive kickback occurs when there is sudden change in current through the inductor... in that case inductor voltage will go very...
  45. Joel Shearon

    RF Energy Harvesting Batteries

    Hey Physics Forum! So I will try to give as much detail as possible and needed without dragging on. We have an RF source at 5.8 GHz producing -17dBm and we eventually amplify it close to 27dBm (so we get as close to 30dBm out of source antenna as possible). We are using 5.8 GHz slot antennas...
  46. U

    Help with buck and boost converter

    Hi all, I'm new to power electronics, and somehow I still could not get the impact of switching frequency on voltage gain, output voltage ripple and inductor current. Additionally, how is the voltage gain affected when increasing load resistance? Thank you!
  47. evan manalu

    Circuit inside DC boost step up pulse power module

    Any one know circuit inside DC boost step up pulse generator? I have this one buy from ebay 400Kv type,i want to know how this work by circuit inside.. I had googling and not found result.. Please help me..
  48. N

    Relativistic momentum (Lorentz boost) low velocity limit

    Hello, If I have a momenta pμ=(E,px,py,pz) and transform it via lorentz boost in x-direction with velocity v I'll get for the new 0th component E′=γE+γvpx why is this in the limit of low velocities the same as transforming the energy by a galilei transformation with velocity v? For γvpx i get...
  49. M

    Show that rotations and boosts lead to a combined boost

    Homework Statement Prove that applying an infinitesimal rotation of angle k<<1 around the axis x1, then a boost of speed -k along the axis x2 then the inverses of these is equal to a single boost of speed k^2 along the axis x3 The Attempt at a Solution Putting this into mathematical terms I...
  50. Fernando8290

    Peak pressure and boost pressure are the same?

    Hello, I am doing my master thesis about "Means to improve the indicated efficiency in internal combustion engines",and this evening reading about Turbo-charging that doubt came up: talking in turbocharger terms,peak pressure and boost pressure are the same? Thank you in advance for your...