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Boost is a set of libraries for the C++ programming language that provides support for tasks and structures such as linear algebra, pseudorandom number generation, multithreading, image processing, regular expressions, and unit testing. It contains 164 individual libraries (as of version 1.76).Most of the Boost libraries are licensed under the Boost Software License, designed to allow Boost to be used with both free and proprietary software projects. Many of Boost's founders are on the C++ standards committee, and several Boost libraries have been accepted for incorporation into the C++ Technical Report 1, the C++11 standard (e.g. smart pointers, thread, regex, random, ratio, tuple) and the C++17 standard (e.g. filesystem, any, optional, variant, string_view).

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  1. Sciencemaster

    I How do gravitational fields transform under a boost in velocity?

    Let's say we have some observer in some curved spacetime, and we have another observer moving relative to them with some velocity ##v## that is a significant fraction of ##c##. How would coordinates in this curved spacetime change between the two reference frames? For example, imagine a...
  2. nicholas_eng

    I Physical meaning of the boost generators

    So, all of the generators of the Poincare group are associated with pretty well-known physical quantities. Time translation is associated with energy, space translations with momentum, rotations with angular momentum, and boosts... well, boosts are generated by the "generators of boosts". Do...
  3. J

    Power required to compress air in a gas turbine

    I'm looking for advice on how much power is required to compress air in a gas turbine engine - parameterised by degree of compression and mass flow. Normal gas turbine engines have exhaust turbine(s) on the same shaft as the air compressors. They bleed some of the exhaust energy to drive the...
  4. T

    Booster transformer topology for transmission application

    Hi, Regarding transmission line booster transformer topologies I'm curious as to what would happen over all the possible permutations. I refer you to the following: I presume that in real life the booster transformers...
  5. T

    Using two connected Yagi antennas to "bend" a mobile signal

    I have a typical problem. I have two bars mobile signal in my attic - none at ground floor level. The reason is a roadside pole transmitter less than 500m away installed down in a dip behind houses (duh!) An electrically powered signal booster is illegal in the UK which atracts a £5000 fine...
  6. Joel Shearon

    RF Energy Harvesting Batteries

    Hey Physics Forum! So I will try to give as much detail as possible and needed without dragging on. We have an RF source at 5.8 GHz producing -17dBm and we eventually amplify it close to 27dBm (so we get as close to 30dBm out of source antenna as possible). We are using 5.8 GHz slot antennas...
  7. U

    Help with buck and boost converter

    Hi all, I'm new to power electronics, and somehow I still could not get the impact of switching frequency on voltage gain, output voltage ripple and inductor current. Additionally, how is the voltage gain affected when increasing load resistance? Thank you!
  8. T

    Boost DC-DC converter basics

    Homework Statement I have recently learned about the boost SMPS and and have built a circuit to investigate the waveforms and levels for Vout, [L] and [C] for different mark space ratios. the circuit consists of a 95uH inducotr, diode, 47uF cap, 70 Ohm load, a FET who's gate is controlled...