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Anybody know about electrical components?

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    I need to find out where I can obtain:
    - A Isolation Transformer : 220VAC, 50 hz
    - 500 Watt Dimmer : 220VAC
    - Capacitor : 3uF 660VAC Polypopylen Capacitor
    - Car Ignition Coil : Preferably Ducellier but almost any will do
    - HV Tripler : 30 or 40 KV
    - Resistor : 470 kOhms, 5 Watts

    I am building a power source for my lifter, and this seems like the best way of going about it.

    Can I find these components in any old cars, TV's, computers, heaters, or any easy to find electrical devices? Please feel free to comment!
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    I've built the lifter before, but with a different power supply. As for your parts, a car's ignition coil transformer will not work well at 220 volts input. It's designed for a switched 12V pulses. At 220 volts you will blow it up.

    Best high powered dimmers are called Variacs, can handle 500 Watts easily.

    HV tripler assembly can be found in really old tv sets, but you could built one your self with a couple high voltage diodes and capacitors. It's called a cockroft walton voltage multiplier.

    All of these can be found on ebay.

    Hope that helps.
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    Are you talking about one of these?


    First time I saw one was early 60's.
    Always kinda wondered if it could be made to carry its own power supply.
    Looks like it hasn't been done yet.
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