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Health concern about lead on components

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    I know that for products produced in the EU and United States, I needn't worry about lead on components. That being said, I many times purchase products from Chinese sellers due to the low bulk price. I recently read that an electrical engineer with the tendency to chew wires while stripping them was heavily poisoned by lead due to paint on wires.

    While I am aware that it is wise to wash one's hands before leaving the lab, I have never seen this practice in basic electronics (outside of professional lab setting that may involve toxins). My question is: Need I worry about lead poisoning from the paint and ceramics on components? I often use my pens and computer while in the lab for the sake of writing circuit diagrams and finding clarification. I am concerned about lead dust getting on my computer, pens, and potentially absorbed through my skin. Could anybody confirm or deny my fears, or am I simply being paranoid?
    EDIT: The objects in question are electrolytic capacitors, and paint and leads on resistors and inductors.
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    Quantum Defect

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    I think that you can buy home lead-testing kits-- wipe and look for color change. You could check the things you are worried about.
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    While lead is toxic, I believe that a fair amount of it needs to be consumed one way or another before the levels begin to cause serious physiological damage.
    You could try just handling things that you are concerned about while using protective gloves.
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