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Anyone else taking PhD quals this summer?

  1. Aug 6, 2007 #1
    So...I'm taking my PhD qualifier tomorrow. Anyone else have quals this summer?
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    Good luck man!!!
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    Thanks, I'll need it! But I'm not all too worried. I've been studying since April, so I figure if I can't pass it by now, I probably won't be able to without actually taking some graduate classes (I'm only first year).
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    Best wishes for success on the quals!
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    Ah, so is this the "free trial attempt"?

    Best of luck! :cool:
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    I'm hoping to qualify for Social Assistance some day. Does that count? :confused:
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    Well, I took my qual. It wasn't too bad, actually. I tried to make an educated guess at what my score is going to be, and I came up at about one or two points above the pass line, so I guess it could go either way.

    Of course, everyone else I talked to said that they bombed the test, so maybe they'll lower it?
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    Good stuff. Are you allowed to talk about the tricky questions or are you sworn to secrecy?
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    Hope it goes well, man! If you do well, you are going to need to give me your secret in a few years!
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    Nope, no funny secrets. I actually have my copy of the test in my office, since they let us take them after the exam. I'll probably use it to study for next year if I don't pass this time...but hopefully I'll pass and that won't be necessary.

    Heh, I used the lame secret: I started studying in April. But if I come up with anything more expedient, I'll let you know!
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    math or physics?
  13. Aug 8, 2007 #12
    Physics. Classical physics, actually. At my department the qualifier is split into classical and modern exams, and we can take both separately. As Morphism alluded, this was my "free shot," so I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and study exclusively for the classical part of the test. Actually the modern half of the exam is tomorrow morning, but since I haven't studied for it anyway, I'm not all too concerned. I'll probably just sit through it so that I know what to expect next summer.
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