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Anyone ever use a Sony PRS-500 Reader?

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    I'm considering getting one, since more and more of the papers I need to read are PDFs and it's just easier not to have to constantly print them out. What I wonder is:

    1. How do they look (i.e. are they easy on the eyes)?
    2. They look a little small in the promo pictures...are the displays small for normal reading?
    3. Are they cumbersome?
    4. Are they compatible with all PDFs? An example PDF that I might read can be downloaded here (that's a math paper). What I'm wondering is if all the embedded stuff would screw crap up with the reader.

    There are obviously better sources for these questions, but I was just wondering if and TWers might have any experience with this thing.
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    I'd never heard of it before, so I looked it up on wiki and I'd say it looks pretty sweet if it worked well. I've never had any "easy on the eyes" problem (I'm assuming you're talking about "easy on the eyes" like that small legal print, not Salma Hayek "easy on the eyes") on my computer, and I've read entire books of computer screens and am completely oblivious to what eye strain feels like.
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    Yeah that's not really my largest worry...I can always go look at them (since they're supposedly available at bookstores). What I'm more worried about is question 4...whether or not I'll be able to read all the PDFs I want.
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    why don't you just get a pocket pc a small form factor pc?
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    Well one of the things that interests me about the reader is that it doesn't have a conventional lcd screen which is supposedly what makes it so easy on the eyes (and light on batteries).
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