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Anyone in Australia - Advice on prospective universities?

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    First of all, yeah, newbie here, "Yo wassup dawgz!" and all that.
    Not really much of a forum user, more of a lurker, so sorry in advance for any ignorance I may portray forum-wise.

    Anyway, I know this is a pretty specific question, but I figured I might as well post and see what I get.

    I've been thinking of doing a combined Comp. Sci./Science course (which is only offered at UNSW, at least from what I've looked at) when I leave school, though from what I gather at most other universities science is a pretty flexible course, so choosing a course isn't really the problem.

    I'm guessing most of the info I've been getting from going to open days at various unis (save for a good look around the campus) is mainly just self-promotion, so I'm interested in getting the opinions of people who've done/are doing a Physics course at a university in Australia (preferably NSW, but I'm open to others too).

    I've looked at sites like rateyouruni.com.au /etc. but they don't seem to provide many detailed ratings specific to the courses I'm thinking of doing.

    So, anyone who's done/doing any physics/computer science course at any uni in Australia, care to tell me what it was like at your specific uni? Teaching-wise, the content of the course itself, etc.?
    Any help is much appreciated! =)
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    Here you go, pick one lol. :rofl: :approve:

    Australian National University
    University of Melbourne
    University of Sydney
    University of Queensland
    University of New South Wales
    Monash University
    University of Western Australia
    University of Adelaide
    Macquarie University
    Queensland University of Technology
    University of Wollongong
    La Trobe University
    University of Newcastle
    University of Tasmania
    Griffith University
    University of Technology,Sydney
    Curtin University of Technology
    Flinders University
    RMIT University
    University of South Australia
    Deakin University
    University of New England
    University of Western Sydney
    James Cook University
    Swinburne University of Technology
    Southern Cross University
    University of Canberra
    Victoria University
    Australian Catholic University
    Charles Sturt University
    University of Southern Queensland
    University of Ballarat
    University of the Sunshine Coast
    Edith Cowan University
    Charles Darwin University
    Central Queensland University
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    http://www.australian-universities.com/rankings/" [Broken]

    http://www.studyconnect.com/forums/" [Broken]

    The first link has rankings and info on the universities, the second is a forum with similar questions as the one you have.
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    I'm at ANU doing Physics :).
    These are the list of courses offered by the college of Science:
    http://studyat.anu.edu.au/acad_orgs/195/courses/undergrad.html [Broken]
    I'm currently still in my first year so I can't really tell u much about the more advanced Physics courses, but we do matter & interactions in first year - the usual momentum principle, energy principle and electromagnetic stuff in first sem, and now we're doing waves and optics, angular momentum, special relativity and more on EM interactions.
    We have a phB program here for Science. You can apply for that if you have UAI 99+. It's not all that different but u get a research project every 2 semesters or so.
    I don't know too much about the Comp Science program but I guess it should be good. It's an honours course and only students with UAI 98 + are accepted.
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