Anyone know how to make super glue ?

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know any reasonably safe reactions - lab or home based - to make a half decent super glue?
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    See US Patent 6245933. None of it is easy without the proper controls and equipment. It is definitely not something to do at home.

    See also
  4. You may like to look into something a little more natural, for example the Holy Cross frog secretes a sticky substance from its back that is the second strongest glue in the world and is natural!!
    You may have to go to Australia though. As it is native to Australia.
    The kind of applications that little guy will have on such things as surgery will be something to watch out for.

    check this link for details.

    If you want to make something even stronger than super glue you may like to head to your nearest stream or river and collect this little guy Caulobacter crescentus , he is a bacteria that produces a sugar compound three time stronger than any made man glue (including super glue)

    Check out this website
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  5. Thanks, i was thinking of glueing my car to my living room ceiling today and couldnt find an adhesive ¬_¬
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