Anyone recommend book about Paleontology?

  1. I've recently developed a fascination with the history of the earth and the biosphere. Can anyone recommend a good introductory book on the subject?
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  3. Well I found an ebook called "The Earth's Biosphere Evolution, Dynamics, and Change" by Vaclav Smil. It appears to be what I'm looking for...
  4. Here's one I've been reviewing for use in my Physical Geology course for non-geoscientists, and I found it very nice. Easily readable, especially for a layperson, and very comprehensive. It's more about the evolution of the biosphere rather than the study of paleontology, per se, but there's a lot of that in there as well.

    An Introduction to the Earth-Life System, Charles Cockell, ISBN 978-0521729536, available in paperback.
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