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Anyone remember how to solve 0^0?

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    I remember it was 'one', but it's been a while...basically we want to find

    lim (as x-->0) of (x^x), or not? Any takers?

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    There's nothing "to solve". This is a problematic expression which in basic maths is almost always left undefined, and

    sometimes, under some usually rather astringent conditions, it is defined as 1 because certainly
    [tex]x^x=e^{x\log x}\xrightarrow [x\to 0^+]{} e^0=1[/tex]

    Play attention to the fact the function isn't defined over the negative reals, unless you'd be wishing to get into multivalued complex functions and stuff.

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    Please read https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=530207 [Broken]
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