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Anyone seen any neat physics paper for a casual talk?

  1. Sep 15, 2013 #1

    Would anyone happen to know of any neat physics (more preferably quantum related within the last year or so) journal articles which would be good to do a casual talk / mini colloquium?

    I've been trying to find something published in nature of physical review letters but some of the more interesting things I have found (in PRL) are far too involved for this kind of talk.

    Has anyone seen any neat, kind of straight forward papers?

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    How much time do you have, and what is the audience and purpose of the talk?
    Most papers use quantum physics in some way.
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    Couldn't any subject essentially be discussed in a casual manner? I know some things require more critical thinking in terms of presentation than others; but it's my belief that if you understand a subject thoroughly enough, and are passionate about it, you can contrive ways to make it relatable and interesting to others. Easier said than done, of course.
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    Hey guys,

    Kimosabae, sorry but I don't think what you have said is very true at all, if you want to get the message across sometimes you can't just keep it to the basics.

    mfb, the talk is around 30 minutes, the audience will generally be people with undergraduate degrees with very basic understanding of quantum mechanics. I've been trying to find neat papers which explain concepts using the basics, I actually think I might have found a good nature experimental article which essentially requires only the background knowledge of bra-ket notation and unitary transformations, the rest is pretty much conceptual.

    But yea if you have seen anything cool please let me know
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