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Testing Does anyone have any up to date info on Thesis inclusions?

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    Ideally I would like to simply place any papers I have published straight into my PhD thesis with no adjustment. Then add a couple or more chapters, methodology, conclusions, some overview type discussion etc etc

    But some of my PhD colleagues seem to think that the system has changed and that this is no longer possible and I would have to re-write all my published papers due to the fact it would be plagiarising my own work !!!

    I keep reading different things, some say its okay, some say not, anyone have any ideas on the present methods of thesis "marking" or does it simply depend on the individual examiner?

    Thanks for any advice

    (UK PhD student)
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    Why aren't you asking this to your PhD advisor/Supervisor?

    Doesn't your school have someone in charge of thesis format and requirement? Rather than rely on hearsay from "PhD colleagues", you must go to the actual source and get the exact language and policy of your school. And I will be surprised if your Advisor does not have the current info on such a thing.

    In the end, it is your PhD supervisor that has the FINAL say in anything. So why aren't you asking him/her?

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    Hmm I thought there may be a general rule across the UK that someone on here may have been aware of, but seeing as it's institution dependant I will surely check with my supervisor, thanks !
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    There are basically no UK wide rules for ANYTHING that has to do with the format for a PhD thesis or even the viva; the systems vary quite a lot between universities.
    That said, the norm is -as far as I am aware- NOT to include any papers at all in a thesis. This is certainly the case for all the UK universities I am familiar with.
    (this is very different from the system in many other countries where a thesis can in some cases just be a collection of papers with an introduction and in-depth discussion).
    This is also the reason why a British thesis is generally very long (~70-100 pages) and takes ages to write :H (I am saying this as a someone who supervises students and who has to read all the drafts...)
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