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  1. S

    Courses AP Bio then AP Physics 1 or other way around?

    Hey! I’m a sophomore that is scheduling for next year. Hopefully, I will be taking AP Calc BC next year (junior year). As for my science course, I want to take AP Bio and AP Physics 1 before graduating, but we can only take one per year. So would you recommend Physics during my senior year when...
  2. J

    Programs AP Stat or AP Bio for a physics major?

    So I'm an upcoming freshman at my local high school (class of 2021) and I know without a shadow of a doubt I will pursue a physics major in college and eventually a career in the field. At this point I've managed to set up a pretty solid four year schedule (which I will post below), but I still...
  3. Astro826

    I really need help with my course selection for next year!

    Hi guys, I really need help with deciding my courses for next year. Currently, i'm a sophomore in high school rising to a junior next year, and today, we began doing course selections for next year. Now, before I continue, I didn't just start thinking about my courses for next year today. I've...
  4. ish512

    Will not doing AP Biology hurt me in the long run?

    Hey all, I am currently a freshman in high school, and am thinking about my courses for next year. Currently I am signed up for: English 3 Honors Chemistry Honors Precalculus Honors AP Statistics AP World History Programming 1 Honors (prerequisite for AP Comp Sci) Spanish 3 Honors Orchestra...
  5. Adriane

    Phylogenetic tree diagram

    Homework Statement Draw a phylogenetic tree to illustrate the ancestry of the seven organisms chosen: dog, human, kangaroo, snapping turtle, penguin, rhesus monkey, bullfrog At each branching point, identify the derived characteristic that creates the branch. Homework Equations The Attempt...
  6. Adriane

    Allele frequencies of the next generation

    Homework Statement Starting with 75 light-colored beans and 25 dark-colored beans, the 100 beans represent my gene pool. Light beans = F and dark beans = f. p = (total F alleles) / (total number of beans used) And now I'm stuck where it's asking me to "practice determining the initial allele...