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Apostol Differential Equations & Linear Algebra

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    I'm looking into buying a cheap & introductory/mid-level textbooks on Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.

    My question is, as looking through Apostol's contents for his Multivariable Calculus textbook. I notice sections on DEs as well, would his his text sufficient for those two subjects mentioned above? I plan on purchasing Tenenbaum for ODE and Shilov for Linear Algebra, or would it be better to buy Apostol's and get all 3.

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    I know this is an old thread but it is probably a common question so...

    I own all three actually. I have the first edition of Apostol II but I haven't started working in it yet (Finishing up Vol I first). I scanned the pages of Differential Eqs and there is about 100 pages of the book dedicated to ODES and there is much theory involved. Also Linear Algebra isn't covered in the edition of the book that I have but from what I hear his treatment is sufficient but you are better off getting a standalone book. Since Tenenbaum and Shilov are both Dover Books (10$) I would recommend picking them up for the two subjects. Tenenbaum's text is nice and thick with a ton of interesting problems (and a ton of motivation as should be expected from an ODE book). The Shilov book you should be warned appears to be written at the first year graduate level and requires certain mathematical maturity and the material seems to differ from what you would learn in an undergraduate class (at least in my school). Shilov has alot more theory then you would normally get from a first (or possibly second) course in Linear Algebra which is good if you are already strong at problem solving (or if you pick up on problem solving methods quickly). I'd recommend the one-two punch method. Tackle theory using Shilov and Apostol (for LA and Multi) and then tackle problems by purchasing a schaum's book or two (I have 3000 Problems in Calculus and i'm going to purchase a similar such text for LA). This method seems effective for me but beware that some books from schaum's have myriad errors but it can be fun to correct them. Some books such as Schaum's Physics For Scientists and Engineers are so errored that they are unreadable.
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