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Applications of Calculus

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    Hello, I learned both calculus and integral calculus a little while ago and my classes did not contain a lot of applied calculus (almost no physics or finance). I was wondering if there is a good ressource about the the different applications of calculus (with the math if possible).

    I am quite good at programming with Mathematica also (I'm a tech turned admin turned programmer) and would like to offer my help at creating cdf demos or doing problem resolution. If you need a hand with something, just let me know.


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    Try Stewarts 7th Edition Textbook, he includes a variety of different applications of calculus concepts to problems of physics/biology/sociology/finance/economics
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    In my opinion, Stewart is one of the worst math textbooks ever written. If you want to get your love of math totally decimated, then you should read the book.

    To know about applications of calculus, I think you should look at actual physics or finance books and not at math books. There are many good physics books, for example Kleppner.
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