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Homework Help: Applications of Specific Heat Capacity

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    I have to write about the applications/uses of specific heat capacity.
    I know what SHC is- the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1kg of substance by 1°C/ 1K.
    But I have no idea how that can be applied anywhere or anything..
    I've searched the entire internet for the uses/applications of SHC but I haven't found anything useful.. Help? :frown:
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    Well, for starters, it can be used to work out the energy required to heat up a specific substance. ;) It's used very widely in thermodynamics and heat transfer to relate energy to temperature. My lunch break's over so I can't go into more detail now, but thermodynamics textbooks go into a fair bit of detail in most cases about it.
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    Sorry for bumping, but I would like to ask the same question... how can shc be applied?
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