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Programs Applied Math or Physics graduate school?

  1. Jan 12, 2017 #1
    Hi all,

    So I am currently an undergrad student majoring in math and physics wanting to pursue a PhD in either applied math or physics. I definitely lean toward the theoretical side of physics and really enjoy mathematics (which has become somewhat of a hobby). My question is, what program of graduate study would best suite my needs? Applied math or physics? I am very interested in both, and can't see myself no longer studying math. On the flip side, I also like using mathematics in the context of physical problems. I'm very interested in relativity and quantum field theory. Thanks for the help!
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    You can do both you know. Applied math and physics is a very nice combination.
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    As in a master's in applied math and PhD in physics? Or Major/minor in one or the other?
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    Just do a PhD in one that involves a lot of the other.
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    Got it. Thank you!
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    You can be coadvised by people in each department. I have heard of that happening before.

    At Cambridge, areas of theoretical physics like high energy theory are actually in the applied math department (DAMTP) for historical reasons. So that might be interesting to look into.
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