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Physics education refers to the methods currently used to teach physics. Physics Education Research refers to an area of pedagogical research that seeks to improve those methods. Historically, physics has been taught at the high school and college level primarily by the lecture method together with laboratory exercises aimed at verifying concepts taught in the lectures. These concepts are better understood when lectures are accompanied with demonstration, hand-on experiments, and questions that require students to ponder what will happen in an experiment and why. Students who participate in active learning for example with hands-on experiments learn through self-discovery. By trial and error they learn to change their preconceptions about phenomena in physics and discover the underlying concepts.

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  1. decisivedove

    Admissions Should I apply to Physics PhD programs?

    Hi, I am a senior at a large research public university in the US (UC Davis). I really want to go to grad school but I am not sure if I should apply this year. I am only 19 years old (I graduated high school with an associates in physics) so this is only my second real year of college and I...
  2. D

    Other Would it be advisable to take an extra year before graduating?

    Hello all, I am a physics major who will be starting their senior year next week. My immediate post-graduation plan is to attend graduate school in physics (my interests are in experimental condensed matter). However, I am strongly considering taking an extra year to graduate and was wondering...
  3. D

    Admissions Will I Have to Lie in My Statement of Purpose?

    Let me begin by stating the obvious: I do not mean lying about anything that can be factually checked, like grades, honors, or experiences. I am currently a junior majoring in physics, and my immediate post-graduation plans are to attend graduate school in physics. On paper, I seem to be on...
  4. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs What are some good graduate programs in the Physics of Complex Systems?

    Title says it all. I am interested in studying the physics complex systems and nonlinear physics, however i find it very hard to find a good program as it seems this area of study is not the most mainstream of them. I found out about Max Planck but still want to know if there are other strong...
  5. R

    Physics Is the Job Market for Geophysics in Canada Uncertain Due to the Pandemic?

    Hi all. This is my first post in the physics forum! My name is Raymond. I have recently graduated with a double major in Physics and Geophysics in Canada. My initial goal was to pursue Exploration Geophysics/Hydrology in grad school ( University of Toronto/UBC/University of Calgary) and go to...
  6. vassalloef

    Physics graduate school advice

    Hello everyone, I'm a first-year international student at Denison University double-majoring in physics and mathematics (or that's at least the plan). I'm currently taking my second course in undergraduate physics here and at the same time a course in linear algebra and differential equations...
  7. F

    From software development to physics PhD

    Hi there, Last June 2019 I graduated with a First class honors in Theoretical physics from one of the Top Unis in the UK. Then I started working for a company (of good prestige) as a software engineer full time. However, a few months in, I decided to apply for Masters and start a side project...
  8. J

    Schools What are my chances of getting into physics graduate school with a 3.00 GPA?

    Hello everyone! I graduated from UIUC with a 3.00 GPA in physics last year. (I managed to get this exact number) And my GPA of physics courses are not much higher than my overall GPA as well. I plan to apply for grad school this year and go to grad school next year. And currently I am working...
  9. S

    Schools Suitable list of schools for an MS to apply for a PhD program in Optics

    Fifth Year BS-MS Student from one of the premier institutes in India CGPA: 8.1/10 GRE : 310/340 168Q 142V 4AWA TOEFL: 104/120 22R 27L 26S 29W I am applying for graduate schools in the following universities. Is the list sufficient? Any suggestion is most welcome. The list is not priority-wise...
  10. abilolado

    Schools Physics Graduate School in UK/Germany/Europe

    Hello all. I had a few questions about obtaining a PhD in UK and/or Europe. I am currently an Undergrad physics student from Brazil studying in the US, once I am done I will pursue my PhD in some other university, since my current one, unfortunally, does not have a Physics Grad program. My dream...
  11. txr534

    Schools Applied Math or Physics graduate school?

    Hi all, So I am currently an undergrad student majoring in math and physics wanting to pursue a PhD in either applied math or physics. I definitely lean toward the theoretical side of physics and really enjoy mathematics (which has become somewhat of a hobby). My question is, what program of...
  12. S

    Engineering at Western or Mac (McGill)

    I am looking to apply to western for engineering ( go into mechatronics) and do a concurrent engineering and physics degree. Basically what that is, is a regular 4 year degree with a 5th year of pure physics. You then receive a bachelor of engineering and a physics major. I am also looking at...
  13. CjCastro

    Schools Physics Grad School for Non-Physics Majors: Schools & Options

    Hello all, I am currently an undergraduate studying chemistry with a question regarding physics graduate school. I know many threads have been started on whether or not one can get into a physics grad program and I have come to the conclusion that it is possible, so I won't ask that question. My...
  14. C

    Schools Physics graduate school in Spain

    Hi, how does physics graduate school work in Spain? What are the admissions tests?
  15. ZapperZ

    Schools Entering Physics Graduate School From Another Major - Comments

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post Entering Physics Graduate School From Another Major Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  16. DLOBE

    Undergrad astrophysics student, grad school or not?

    Hi guys, Im Daniel, I am currently an undergraduate astrophysics student at CU Boulder. Just coming into my junior year now and I've begun thinking about grad school. My current career goal is to join the upcoming private space industry. I was hoping to get some advice about what to do...
  17. ZapperZ

    Schools Applying for Physics Graduate School - Comments

    ZapperZ submitted a new PF Insights post Applying for Physics Graduate School Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  18. Crystal Pearl

    Schools Can I take Electricity and Magnetism in grad school

    I am supposed to graduate next year but I just realized I have left Electricity and Magnetism off of my schedule. I'm afraid to add it because I feel like I am already taking enough and I am wondering if instead it is common or likely to just take the undergrad elective in graduate school. I...
  19. P

    Programs Physics Graduate with Mathematics degree

    I'm about to enter University for a Chemistry major, but I've been throwing around the idea of a double major and also taking Mathematics. They do not offer a physics major, but it's my understanding that physics is heavily reliant on advanced math and that physics itself is so hard because many...
  20. S

    Schools U Of Toronto vs UBC in physics graduate school (condensed matter theory)

    I have to choose between U of T and UBC for my physics graduate school. QS ranking places UBC(46th) much higher than U of T (100th), but two of my professors told me the other way around. any ideas about the discrepancy? thanks~
  21. P

    Schools Computational Fluid Dynamics in Physics Graduate School

    I want to go to physics grad school, but I also want to be ready to go to into CFD for industry if academia doesn't pan out - what area of physics would prepare me best for that?
  22. T

    Schools Grad School Admissions for Physics with Low GPA

    Hello all, I am entering my senior year. I have a over all gpa of 3.3. My subject gpa currently is 2.83 due to some bad classes my freshman year. I have 6 classes left towards my major so I have a chance to bring up my major gpa. But I study and work hard as it is, and can't get an A in my...
  23. R

    Schools Choosing physics graduate school.

    I live in a country within north east asia. I want to continue my education in US graduate school. GPA 4.0x/4.5 Physics GRE 990/990 No research experience. What university within what ranking should i apply to ? Is it possible to first get master degree in US then apply for better PhD...
  24. I

    Schools List of All Physics Graduate School Deadlines?

    Does anyone know if there exists a resource/web page on the Internet that lists all physics graduate school programs and their deadlines?
  25. P

    Schools Considering Physics graduate school, but I stutter

    Long time lurker here, this is just my first time posting. I've read through the 'So you want to be a Physicist' guide and just from experience I've noticed that in order to help pay for graduate schools most programs will have you TA for discussions or labs. Given my stutter, I know I...
  26. P

    Schools Math in Physics Graduate school

    How do courses work in graduate school? I'm in undergrad right now and even though I am a physics major, I am mostly free to take whatever class I want to. However, I know in graduate school one is supposed to be becoming more specialized so how does taking non-physics classes work in graduate...
  27. G

    Schools Need Information Regarding Physics Graduate School

    I am currently a sophomore attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and majoring in physics. I am very studious and have maintained a 4.0 for the three semesters I have completed so far. I am hoping to graduate with a 4.0, which will be difficult but I think it is achievable. I am...
  28. S

    Schools Physics Graduate School Chances

    Hello, I go to a College with a small physics department and as a result I do not have a very helpful adviser (I don't blame him we have only a handful of professors and after one left, this new one got charged with being an adviser all of a sudden). Because of this I am a bit in the dark...
  29. M

    Schools NYU Physics Grad School Acceptance Rate for Prospective Students

    How hard is it to get into? I would think that it isn't as competitive as Columbia university but does anyone what is acceptance rate for NYU grad school in physics? If I can ace perfect 4.0 gpa from european university+good scores in PGRe+little undergraduate research do I have good change...
  30. D

    Schools Question about physics graduate school

    Hello all, I am currently an undergraduate in physics and have a significant amount of room in my schedule for classes. This is because I took mostly maths and general classes my freshman year, when deciding my major, and now will have to stay an extra half or full year to complete the core...
  31. D

    Schools Need Advice on Physics Graduate School

    With graduate school applications due soon, I'm looking for some advice on where to apply and what to do after I graduate. I have a strong academic background with a high GPA from a good school. I am a bit light on research and work experience, but my professors seem to think that this won't...
  32. S

    Schools Physics Graduate School Without Physics Courses

    Long story short, I am currently a junior mathematics major, and I plan on going to graduate school for physics. My college offers but two, non-calculus based physics courses covering classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism. Correct me if I'm wrong (please!), but I believe that if I do...
  33. E

    Schools Physics graduate school essay help

    Helloo, So I've spent some time drafting an admissions essay and I've had a professor read it over and he's said that he likes it. However, I'm still not convinced. I sent it to a couple of my graduate school friends who are studying English and they say it's so drab and boring, but I'm...
  34. F

    Schools Physical Chem vs. CM physics Graduate school

    I'm currently applying for various graduate schools in both physical chemistry and condensed matter physics. My undergraduate degree is a double major in both fields. I'm curious about what the differences between the departments (and, to an extent, fields) might be. In terms of research...
  35. R

    Schools List of Courses Necessary for Physics Graduate School

    I looked back a few months but could find no posts that explicitly covered both these so my question to y'all is: From your personal experience, if you had to compose a list of undergraduate math/physics courses that are necessary/extremely beneficial to success in physics graduate school...
  36. D

    Schools Physics graduate school database & Biophysics advice

    I am beginning graduate school preparations, I am looking for an online database of physics graduate programs that would list things like number of faculty in specific fields, number of graduate students admitted each year, etc... I have seen a book like this, specifically for physics...
  37. F

    Schools Applied physics graduate school prep

    My questions are rather unfocused... I don't really know if they're really questions yet, but chime in as much as possible. I'm just tossing ideas around here. 1. I think all physics programs offer an advance lab class. they offer a range of experiments and you pick some to repeat. Is this...
  38. S

    Schools Physics Graduate School - What to Expect

    I want to know what kind of schools i can to expect to get into for physics graduate school. I am currently a sophomore attending the university of reno. I am majoring in both biochemistry and physics. I currently work at the National Terawatt Facility working as a core diagnostic technician...
  39. K

    Schools Is the GRE a Barrier for Physics Grad School Acceptance?

    Im a junior physics major, I've been researching the web about physics grad programs. Honestly, they're not too informative. I was hoping people could post some info about graduate school here. If people could, I am curious about what type of GPA, GRE, research, and internships they had and what...
  40. E

    Schools Physics Graduate School Admission: GPA vs. NRC Rankings at Duke University

    I'm wondering how difficult it is to gain admission to PhD programs in physics. On Duke's website, they show that the average GPA of admitted students was 3.7 last year. Keeping that in mind, I looked at the NRC rankings in physics, and Duke is ranked like 42. At my school, the average GPA of...
  41. D

    Schools Preparation for physics graduate school

    I'm a senior in high school and I am going to major in physics in college. Ultimately, I want to become a theoretical physicist, but the problem is, I don't really know where I should go for undergraduate study for physics. All other variables aside, like cost and chance of acceptance, I would...
  42. T

    Schools Physics graduate school in the UK or Canada

    Hi all, I have a friend who wants to get a PhD in Physics, and ultimately wants to be a tenured professor at a university or smaller college in the USA. He is considering going to graduate school in the UK or Canada. He wants to know if this will make it harder for him to find a tenure...
  43. O

    Schools Pursuing Graduate School in Physics After English & Music Major

    I am currently at a high ranking liberal arts undergraduate school finishing a major in English and Music, but have always had a pine for theoretical physics. I've always loved string theory, big bang, reading Hawking, Einstein, Newton, math (when I get it) and would like to go into that field...
  44. K

    Schools Applying to Physics Grad School at Yale & Princeton

    Hello, this is my first post, but I have been reading for some time now. As my freshman year of college approaches I have had some questions about my future(mainly grad school) which I would like to seek some answers. After reading posts I realize that everyone on this forum is very...
  45. P

    Schools Physics Graduate School in Germany?

    Hello everyone, Does anybody here attend a university in a German-speaking country or plan on doing so? Or is anybody from Germany/Austria/Switzerland or does anybody live there or have previously lived there? I'll be graduating in a couple years and I'm seriously considering graduate...
  46. B

    Schools Physics Graduate School Research/Admission

    Hi everyone, I am currently a double major in electrical engineering and physics, and trying to decide which area of physics I want to go into for graduate school. I'll be a junior next year in EE and I have thus far only taken the physics classes needed by EE's. Will someone tell me, or point...