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Applied Mathematics Graduate Degree

  1. Oct 25, 2014 #1
    Hello all, I am currently pursuing an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I choose to major in MechE because it seemed to me to be the most broad of the engineering disciplines and because I've heard the career prospects for people with engineering degrees are better than those without engineering degrees. However, I have recently started to realize that I am more passionate about mathematics than I am about engineering. For the record, I do well in my engineering classes and I do find certain topics interesting, just not to the same extent that I find the mathematics topics interesting. So, I had an idea that for grad school I could pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics, however, I am wondering if my MechE degree would be sufficient for me to be accepted into an Applied Math program? I know most Applied Math programs are part of a universities engineering department, so I doubt it would be a problem, but I wanted to get the opinion of people who may know for certain. Thanks :)
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    Don't jump to conclusions. I thought that about EE, but I was somewhat mistaken. You're passionate about undergraduate math, not research level math. You probably would want to take a couple more math classes beyond the minor, but they consider people with non-math degrees. You would also probably need to take the math subject GRE and study for it.
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    Good point, I hadn't really thought of that. However, after browsing through the course catalog there are many more undergrad math classes I think would be interesting than there are ME classes that sound interesting. However, like you said it may be too early to tell, I've not yet studied the more advanced ME topics...
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    You should look at the requirements for the various grad applied math programs you are interested in. Most departments (at least in the US, and I am guessing most of the world) have everything online so google will be your best help. I have anecdotes that tell me that requirements can be very different depending on the university and program, so look carefully and plan your undergrad schedule carefully to make sure you are prepared. Speaking with your advisor is usually a good idea as well.

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