What is Graduate degree: Definition and 32 Discussions

Postgraduate education (graduate education in North America) involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas, or other qualifications for which a first or bachelor's degree generally is required, and it is normally considered to be part of higher education. In North America, this level is typically referred to as graduate school (and often colloquially as grad school).
The organization and structure of postgraduate education varies in different countries, as well as in different institutions within countries. This article outlines the basic types of courses and of teaching and examination methods, with some explanation of their history.

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  1. E

    Programs Choosing a field of study for Physics Graduate Degree

    Hello, I've found some similar posts, but as the answers heavily depend on the individual, I decided to present my own case. I want to apply for the physics graduate programs of the big universitie MIT, Harvard, Standord and UC Berkley. For this I need to decide on a specific field of study for...
  2. U

    Physics Return to school for graduate degree?

    I want to go back and get my masters and doctorate, but at the moment I teach High School. Going back would be impossible due to the times of classes, and I can't afford to quit my job. Is it possible to work around this?
  3. Quantum Aravinth

    Programs Graduate degree program in Physics [from UG in India]

    I am from India, doing third year undergraduate Physics. This is a three year degree program and I am completing it in another 2 weeks. I would like to move abroad for my graduate studies. But I am not sure how to start, which universities would accept three year degree program, general criteria...
  4. Hercuflea

    Physics Physics Lecturer with Medical Physics graduate degree?

    Can one teach college level Physics classes with a CAMPEP accredited Master's or Ph.D. in medical physics? Do most departments look for pure physics graduates or is medical physics acceptable?

    Programs Can I do graduate degree in Physics after undergrad in econo

    I am currently doing Bachelors in Economics however I have always wanted to pursue astrophysics and all. So like can I in the future with a good enough GRE score do a graduate degree in Physics? And also what would you suggest me to study to know undergrad education of Physics? I really love...
  6. F

    Schools Where should I apply for my graduate studies?

    If everything goes right I am in my last year of my physics program in my university. I want to do research, I did a short internship at CERN and I would like to work there, and I know that for that I need to get a masters or a phd. The thing is that I am not sure to which university should I...
  7. PabloAMC

    Good universities for mathematical physics

    Hi, I would like to know what universities are good at Mathematical Physics for pursuing masters/phds, both in America and Europe. Thanks in advance
  8. VoloD

    Engineering Job Hunting Concerns of a Physics to Engineering Graduate

    Hey Everybody, A while back I made a thread about being a BS Physics graduate trying to go back to school. After changing universities, I finally graduated this May with my MS in Engineering (Electrical). While searching for jobs, I noticed there is a dilemma regarding specific jobs. I don't...
  9. H

    Programs A graduate degree in physics with a bachelor's degree in engineering

    So, next year I will attend college for B.S in aerospace engineering with a minor in Astrophysics. I would very much like to continue and do graduate studies in physics, not engineering, and I was wondering if this was possible? Thank you very much for your time.
  10. M

    Options in higher education in physics (no math/science bkg)

    Hello! I've been reading this forum for a while now, and while I see many threads asking about similar questions as I am, I still cannot get answers to some of my questions. So I hope to get some advice here on PF. I am very interested in pursuing a career in Physics, but I don't have any...
  11. M

    Engineering to Physics: Guidance for Undergraduate Students

    Hello everyone! I am 3rd year Mechanical Engg. student at one of India's good institutes... I want to switch from Engg to THEORETICAL PHYSICS after my Undergrade. But I don't know how to start or what would be the proper way to study on my own Ug physics. It will be very helpful if anyone can...
  12. Q

    What can I do with my BS in physics?

    I got a BS in physics from MIT (high energy particle physics), and now I'm in a graduate program in physics at a mid-tier school, like top 20-ish. I always assumed I would get a PhD in physics, and eventually become a research professor, but I'm starting to reconsider. So the tldr of this post...
  13. W

    Getting involved with research without graduate degree?

    Hello, I am studying mathematics and biology as an undergrad. I have always want to do a PhD, but due to having a B- average, I need to set up a realistic plan, (i.e, not going to grad school and try to find a job) although I have not given up hope entirely. I am seriously interested in aging...
  14. _N3WTON_

    Applied Mathematics Graduate Degree

    Hello all, I am currently pursuing an undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. I choose to major in MechE because it seemed to me to be the most broad of the engineering disciplines and because I've heard the career prospects for people with engineering degrees are...
  15. S

    Physics Graduate Degree In Quantum Mechanics?

    You've probably been asked a similar question countless times I presume but please just hear me out. I am currently in my junior year of undergraduate and majoring in physics. For some time now I have really loved doing physics and I enjoy it, mostly the theory. But is taking it further and...
  16. R

    Learning ODEs: Self-Teaching for a Graduate Degree

    Hi everyone, I have searched all over the site to see if I am repeating a question, but I don't believe that I am. So I am currently in the life sciences, but I am switching to physical sciences to do a graduate degree in one year. The program, obviously, recommends that I have decent...
  17. QuantumCurt

    Schools How important are different schools for undergrad and graduate degree?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently attending a community college, and heading into my last year here. I'm starting to fill out my transfer applications, and I was wondering how important it really is to attend different universities for your undergraduate and graduate degrees. I've always heard that...
  18. A

    Programs Undergraduate degree to graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering

    I'm currently an undergraduate in electrical engineering. There aren't any nuclear engineering programs in my state, but I'm highly considering getting a graduate degree in nuclear engineering following my undergraduate degree, because it's very interesting to me. However, I'm wondering...
  19. S

    Programs Math & Computer Science Double Major - What Graduate Degree?

    I am heading into my Freshman year in college. I know it's going to be far in the future, but I want to start brainstorming what my 5-10 year goal is. Any help is appreciated. With these majors, I'm planning on getting a masters in Computer Science, but what should I do with the math degree...
  20. S

    Engineering PE vs Graduate Degree in Civil Engineering

    For those with a background in Civil; what do you think about graduate degrees in Civil Engineering for people with a different undergraduate background? I don't plan on doing traditional engineering work but a lot of what I do does relate to the water quality part of civil engineering. I'm...
  21. A

    Programs Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Math: Advice Needed

    i just graduated college majoring in economics having a 3.85 GPA problem is my interests have shifted to maths particularly geometry and topology i didnt take any such math courses in college but i have read extensively most of the advanced undergrad books on analytical geometry. now i really...
  22. Z

    Programs Need advice with Astrophysics graduate degree

    Hi there, I'm currently working on my BS in Physics with plans to do an Astrophysics grad degree. However, I'm not sure if I should go Astronomy or Astrophysics. My university I attend currently does not have an astronomy degree, so I chose to do physics. (I had to go to this university...
  23. E

    Programs A graduate degree in Astrophysics after Informatics Engineering?

    the idea is how hard would that be for me to continue a graduate degree in Astrophysics after having an undergraduate degree in Informatics Engineering? I know the best would be to have an undergraduate degree in Physics/Astronomy. but that's the situation
  24. W

    Engineering Engineering Accreditation With Only the Graduate Degree?

    I'm an undergraduate student who is trying to decide whether to pursue a major in physics or mechanical engineering. This forum has been very informative and thanks to all the information I've found here, I have ALMOST made up my mind. However, I need to know one last thing. Does anyone here...
  25. M

    Programs Online graduate degree in beam physics at Michigan State?

    Online graduate degree in beam physics at Michigan State?? I live in a remote area, and had begun researching possible online graduate programs in advanced physics and the only legitimate one seems to be at Mich State. The degree is offered in beam physics at the masters and PhD level...You...
  26. D

    Programs Navigating Graduate Degree Programs in Aerospace Engineering

    Hi, I need some help with this. I am an american citizen living in Europe and have recently decided to go for my dreams. I've mulled the possibilities over and have settled on Aerospace Engineering. In particular Astronautics. There is an excellent degree program at ISAE in France that is...
  27. R

    Programs Getting an undergraduate and graduate degree at the same school?

    Often times I see people talk about getting their undergraduate degree but then transfering to a graduate school. UF has a 5 year program that awards a student with both their masters and bachelors degree in physics. From their its just a rout to a Ph.d..IS there something wrong with this? Why...
  28. B

    Programs Importance of prestigious undergraduate degree for graduate degree.

    Hi - I am currently a high school junior so I basically have this summer to figure out where I am going to apply. I am thinking about computer engineering as a major. How much of a factor is going to "name brand" college going to be for getting into a "good" graduate school? Thanks for your time.
  29. V

    Programs Same school for graduate degree as undergrad

    Maybe this is a no brainer but I figured I'd ask... I've heard both sides from many different people...some say universities encourage undergrad students to apply elsewhere for grad school, thus if you are going to say, UC Berkeley like me and apply there for grad school as well, it will be...
  30. M

    Can I Pursue a Graduate Degree in Mathematics?

    I'm in my 5th semester undergrad for bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering, but I realized that I like mathematics much more than I enjoy my ME or any other applied courses that I have to take. I'm thinking about applying for graduate study in mathematics at top US schools (Berkeley...
  31. K

    Hey, is an EE graduate degree worthwhile?

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to make my undergraduate GPA super high My cumulative won't get much higher than 3.2 even if I get 4.0 for the next two years, so I won't be able to get into any honors societies, and the only reason I can see to bother temporarily memorizing every...