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Applied Mathematics MS with Aero Engineering BS

  1. Apr 6, 2015 #1
    I have noticed in the last few months that my interests are moving towards applied mathematics and computing as opposed to engineering. My favorite subjects fluid mechanics, but sadly the aerospace industry is dead (ie, there haven't been many new advances in the last 30 years).

    I want to get a masters degree in applied mathematics, with a focus on computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer or something in statistical data analysis since I like statistics (and want to learn stochastic calculus in my free time) and data and finding patterns.

    But, I have no idea where to look for applied math programs that might take an aeronautical engineer. A tuition waiver and stipend is also a must for whatever program I enter.

    As I side note. I hate proofs. I took an introduction to proofs class my sophomore year and hated it. I know Ill probably have to take one proof course, but Im not sure the extent to which it would be required for an applied math degree.
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  3. Apr 7, 2015 #2
    Make a list of your top 10-15 programs and contact the departments. No one can answer the question better than them :)
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