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Applied Mathematics, or Physics undergrad?

  1. Mar 11, 2014 #1
    Hey guys, I'm kinda new here, and I have a bit of a perplexing personal question. I'm a first year engineering student right now, nothing too crazy, just the jr. college level. But the more projects we do, and the more the class progresses, the more I find myself leaning more toward theory and mathematics than the actual design projects and hands on stuff (don't get me wrong, it's fun, but I don't really see myself doing it as a career or a degree). I'm pretty sure I wan't to pursue a degree that's heavy in math or science, and I love math that applies to the real world and our interpretation of the things around us. I want to figure out how and why things work, and find out more about things that I can't understand completely yet, like quantum physics, fractal mathematics, and chaos. I'm leaning toward applied mathematics, or physics. I've done a bit of research and can't find a sufficient comparison on any threads. Is it feasible to double major in both without killing myself academically, or major in one and minor in the other? Income after college isn't much of a concern, as long as I can live somewhat comfortably, I just want to do something that makes me happy. If anyone can share experiences in the field, or any knowledge at all, it would be much appreciated. :thumbs:
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    You can double major in it. I know plenty of people at the university of South Carolina who were Applied math and physics majors. I suspect it differs by school though. But you could probably use the physics requirements to satisfy some requirements for you math major (cognate/electives)
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