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Applying to uni [Undergrad] - How?

  1. Sep 9, 2011 #1

    So i'm in my final year of high school in India. In a couple of months i'll be applying to universities in the US. I have a strong interest in Physics.

    However, i'm worried that I wasn't outgoing enough in my school and didn't win a lot of 'awards'. Also, I don't have a talent apart from my Physics (i'd say i'm the best out of my batch /modesty). I'm pretty sure all the top unis require you to have a complete personality for them to take you seriously and not consider you a typical geek (which I assure you i'm not).

    I'll be taking my SAT in a month,which is compulsory for all abroad students. What I wanted to know was the application process - what am I supposed to tell them in my application? Is there something I can say/do currently that will increase my chances?

    Merci beacoup.
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    Considering the amount of typical geeks (myself included) in my engineering classes, I'd say you don't have much to worry about.

    Where are you applying? What you say and do is different from one university to the next.
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    Well i'll be applying to most of the Ivy League unis, though again I know it's bit of a downhill task since i'm not an outstanding student at school(apart from Physics again).

    As for what course I want to do, I see myself ultimately as a Theoretical Physicist. Also, Quantum Mechanics interests me(ofcourse I haven't had much exposure yet, planning on ordering some generic books like Feynman's QED to get introduced to the idea)
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    Surely someone here knows the application procedure =/ ?
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    Check the websites of those universities. I am in my senior high school year, from Pakistan. I checked MIT,Caltech Harvard etc websites and they have clear application procedure for international students, which is similar to that for Americans. Although I never seriously thought about going abroad for bachelors. High cost. No scholarships. Although they do have financial aid. Anyway check the websites of specific universities for information.
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