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Archimedes (Buoyant force) Not EZ!

  1. Jun 21, 2007 #1
    I tryied but failed miserabely, i need to prove this formula!

    Archimedes (Buoyant force)

    Lets say that a rock is attatched to a string, the string has a tention of 5.0N out of the water, and has a tention of 3.2N submerged in water. Now to find the density of the rock, the formula used is:

    p rock=(5.0/5.0-3.2)p water

    To explain...

    density of rock=(wt in air/ wt in air-wt in water)*density of water

    Now i need to prove this formula, i would apreciate any help, thanks


    What i know:
    Density of water is 1000kg/m^2

    I tried many different ways but never got a definite answer
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    You can start by drawing the freebody diagram for the rock, and calculate the net force on the rock in and out of the water.
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    I know all that, i know the density of the rock and everything, i just need to prove the formula (show why it works)
  5. Jun 21, 2007 #4
    i need to prove

    density of rock=(wt in air/ wt in air-wt in water)*density of water
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    Start from lost weight in water = buoyant force of water = ......
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