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Are closed time like curves an inherent feature of rotating universe models?

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    This is a follow up to my previous question, as they appear that in both the Godel Metric and the Van Stockum dust

    Perhaps a better way to put this is, could there be a model where you had rotation (maybe around a non-symmetrical axis?) and not get these CTCs?
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    On this old page by a guy who did his PhD thesis on rotating universes in GR, in the section "Time Traveling and Rotation of the Universes" he writes:
    He doesn't elaborate on that statement though (his name is Egils Sviestins, and http://www.isif.org/fusion07CD/Fusion07/pdfs/Fusion2007_1143.pdf [Broken] seems to give an email for someone of that name, you could try contacting him). Also, in the later section "Is Time Traveling Possible in our Universe?" he writes:
    So it may have something to do with the rate of rotation, but the previous quote suggests that the exact connection between the type of rotation and the possibility of CTCs isn't easy to state.
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