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Are eyes the only input to animal vision?

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    We already know about echolocation, using the ears to sense objects and space around us (also dolphins, bats, whales and some birds are quite good at this).. But how about using a sensor on our tongue to input visual information. Here is a Scientific American article describing this technology. Here is one user of such a device. :smile:
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    This is truly an interesting topic.
    A friend of mine explained me one of the findings of Aziz Sancar, the cryptochrome proteins, which allow birds to "see" magnetic fields. He told me that the birds are percieving the earth's magnetic field visually by seeing blue light when they are aligned to the earth's magnetic field.
    Other than that, I have seen someone who put a high voltage battery in his mouth, and then he saw some sort of light. (This is a very stupid thing to do) This effect is very similar to the video you posted, the parts in your mouth aren't electrically insulated, and some of the electricity can flow undisturbed to the receptors in the brain. This means you can't do this using your skin with a battery, because electricity can't flow through the barriers to your brain, well, unless you are touching household current directly.
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