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B Are Gravitational Waves accepted?

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    Is this accepted throughout the science community now? Is there any doubt that LIGO actually detected gravity in the form of waves?
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    There have been some criticisms published of the LIGO results. AFAIK none of them have any real traction in the scientific community in general; the general belief appears to be that the LIGO results are valid.
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    George Jones

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    The paper "On the times lags from LIGO signals"


    has been accepted for publication. From the abstract:

    See the interesting discussion "On the time lags of the LIGO signals" at cosmologist Peter Cole's blog "In the Dark"

    I suspect that this criticism will not remain viable when a detector at a third location comes on line.
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    Also, if (when) a GW event with an optical and/or gamma-ray counterpart is detected, this should remove all doubt.
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