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Are journal-specific latex packages compulsory for writing articles for them?

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    Many journals encourage authors to use their special latex packages (e.g., revtex4-1 for physical review a,b etc) while sending an article for peer-review process. I am not sure if this is compulsory or optional. Will an article be rejected if it is written not using the special latex packages suggested by the journal but written using plain latex? Or will the journal charge extra if the author does not use the special package for the journal? I know the answers may vary from one journal to another but I am looking for the general response people get.

    I am a new researcher and I find there too many journal-specific latex packages to learn. I am not interested in learning majority of them but in learning only those which are useful in general rather than for writing for a specific journal.
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    I am not sure what you are having an issue with. I don't find that I have to "learn" all the different LaTex packages. So having all the different packages doesn't add that much of an effort.

    What is advantageous with these packages is that, in cases where you want to know how long your paper will be, they can be very useful. This is particularly true for journals such as PRL, APL, etc. where there is a strict page limit.

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    Andy Resnick

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    The editorial office may hold up sending the article out for review if their policies are not followed. If you are not sure, you can contact the editorial office directly with questions.
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    The initial submission doesn't need to be in print format. Most journals these days convert the latex/word document to some type of xml for final publishing.
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