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Are these chrome plated pliers magnetic (ferrous)?

  1. Mar 4, 2017 #1
    IMG_1147.PNG IMG_1147.PNG Hello. Can anyone tell me if these chrome plated pliers are magnetic. Can they be picked up with a powerful magnet? Thank you
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    Ask the manufacturer.

    If they use chrome-vanadium steel: probably yes.
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    Chrome plating would suggest a steel alloy construction so I would also say: probably yes.
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    They are made partly from pressed metal sheet. It is unlikely they would be chromed unless they would rust, so they are almost certainly made from cheap steel and so are magnetic.
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    The tool that you have pictured will certainly be magnetic.

    Chromium-vanadium steel is a steel alloy. This means that it is predominantly steel, which is ferrous and therefore magnetic. The chromium plating of the tool helps resist abrasion, oxidation, and corrosion of the steel. Chromium is a conductive metal allowing the free movement of electrons and would not inhibit magnetic attraction.

    As to whether the tool can be picked up by a magnet; the tool appears to weigh 0.2kg. This would not pose any particular problem for being lifted by a magnet.

    We have several Hazet tools in the lab which I ran a magnet over this afternoon – I was able to pick each and every one up with a small white board magnet. Hope this helps.
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    That was my guess, I don't know if that material is used. I found extremely similar pliers made out of it.
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