Problem Connecting Core with Face Plates (APDL)

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TL;DR Summary
I want to connect the core and face sheets of a HC model in order to run. Also have questions about the solution not converging
Hello everyone,

I would like to know if anyone could help me with my apdl model. I have created a model of a honeycomb sandwich panel but the solution is not converging, is there something that I should pay attention to?
I have connected the core and the plates simply with NUMMRG command, should I use other commands to connect them ?
I am running a stepped solution with linear geometry.

If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Best regards
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A little more details wouldn't hurt. I happen to know that APDL is the scripting language that is used by Ansys to help you set-up your FEM model. But I wouldn't consider that general knowledge. Also, I'm assuming you want to do some kind of stress analysis, but of course you can do many types of analysis.

Also, are you connecting shell elements to solids? Shell elements contain rotations in their degrees of freedom, solids do not. So you need to somehow provide a number for the rotation of the shell elements at their connection with the solids. This number is not fixed of course, it should relate to the deformation.

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