Are women more dishonest than men

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In my hometown of Ledyard, CT, adjacent to the Foxwoods casino, the town clerk got into a little gambling tail-spin. Over a few years she spent a few hundred-k of the town's money chasing her debts. After her termination and relatively light sentencing, she sued the town to get her "rightful" pension. 2000 libertarians were created the day that news broke.
I used to make technical service calls at a linerboard mill in Uncasville, right across the river from you. They had to recycle all their waste-water because they had no discharge permit. Very odd situation.

When I heard that a big casino was in the works, all I could think of was that there would be some BIG winners (property-owners, developers, suppliers) and lots of losers due to that facility. I guess we know where your town clerk fell in those categories. Gambling debts are more heavily implicated in embezzlement cases, now that we have Hollywood Slots in Bangor. There is a full table-gaming casino under development in Oxford county, too, which will only add fuel to the fire.
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Maybe it's treated as more newsworthy for women criminals, so they are getting more attention?

Dog bites man is not news.
Woman bites man's dog, now that's news.

But all seriousness aside. The frequency of news reports says absolutely nothing about the real frequency of an event.
Train wrecks, earthquakes or other disasters occur in waves of reporting spates.
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and some "trusted" employee steals 100x that much and gets probation and restitution. It just doesn't seem right.

What's even worse is the number of people who are committing mortgage and medicare fraud, law enforcement knows who they are, but nothing is being done about it because the resources to manage such crimes is limited.

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