Are you teaching yourself physics and maths?

In summary, the conversation discusses individuals who are teaching themselves physics and mathematics. One person is being taught and also self-teaching, while another is primarily self-teaching. They express a love for these subjects and a desire to continue learning, despite other potential career paths. One individual also mentions a book that sparked their interest in high school.

You are...

  • teaching yourself physics and mathematics.

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  • being taught physics and mathematics.

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I am curious how many humans on this forum are teaching themselves physics and mathematics. Thus, are you being taught or are you teaching yourself physics and mathematics?
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I'm being taught and I teach myself mathematics.

I'll have to come back to the world of physics later on it my life.
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I just finished a college prep course. Until this fall, I'm studying on my own to build and strengthen my skills. I want to study physics and mathematics, and eventually chemistry. But circumstances suggest that programming might be a better career choice for me.

But wow! The more I get into these math and physics books, the more I love it. I never knew how beautiful and fascinating it all is. I've been dipping into Pickover's A Passion for Mathematics. That's the kind of book I wish I had back in high school.
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I'm being taught math, and I am teaching myself physics.
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I am taught mathematics in the sense that I take math classes and ask my instructors questions. However, most of the work comes from me sitting down reading the book and doing the exercises, so in a sense I teach myself mathematics (and the same can probably be said of most people).
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Well, I hope that I'm not so old, and so caught up with other aspects of life, that I've stopped teaching myself physics, math, and other stuff.

1. How are you teaching yourself physics and maths?

I am teaching myself physics and maths through various online resources such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and YouTube tutorials. I also use textbooks and practice problems to supplement my learning.

2. What inspired you to teach yourself physics and maths?

I have always been interested in science and mathematics, and I wanted to challenge myself by learning these subjects on my own. I also believe that having a strong foundation in these areas will benefit me in my future career as a scientist.

3. Is it difficult to teach yourself physics and maths?

It can be challenging at times, but with dedication and perseverance, it is definitely achievable. It also helps to have a strong understanding of basic concepts and to break down complex topics into smaller, more manageable parts.

4. How do you stay motivated while teaching yourself physics and maths?

Setting goals and tracking my progress has been a great way for me to stay motivated. I also find it helpful to take breaks and engage in other activities to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy balance.

5. Are there any tips you can share for someone who wants to teach themselves physics and maths?

My biggest tip would be to not be afraid to ask for help when needed. Whether it's reaching out to online communities or seeking guidance from a mentor, having support can make a big difference. It's also important to stay organized and consistent in your studying habits.

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