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Area Under a Curve, 3D, with known end points and curve radius

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    I am trying to find out a method of determining the area below a curve.

    The end points of the curve are known in cartesian space, and the curvature of the curve is known.

    A diagram of the curve is here, shown in the images belowthis webpage



    ß must be in radians

    MD = Measured Depth between surveys in ft
    I1 = Inclination (angle) of upper survey in degrees
    I2 = Inclination (angle) of lower in degrees
    Az1= Azimuth direction of upper survey
    Az2 = Azimuth direction of lower survey
    RF = Ratio Factor
    ß is the dog leg angle.

    I'm trying to find the area between the curve and a line projected downwards onto the bottom plane.

    I have a wellbore trajectory which gives x,y,z, coordinates (northing,easting,vertical depth)and the angle DL, and I am trying to find the net area above and below a certain depth plane by using the wells directional survey.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
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