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Array arrangement in Fortran 77

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    I am working on a Fortran 77 program for my computational physics course in which
    the program is an averaging of distances walked by a number of walkers for an nth step.

    I have started the calculations of the program by having an input seed generate a sequence
    of pseudo-random numbers of j length. This will be the amount of walks performed.
    This "do" loop has a nested "do" loop within it, which takes the jth generated number and
    uses it as the seed for the walk code in the nested loop.

    This all works fine, but I am stumped on how to produce a file which stores the position
    calculated for each step of each walk. Since the walk function is just repeating itself over
    each individual loop through the main "do" code, I can't seem to get the store file to
    save all the walks.

    I am still having trouble with the logic of then how I would take the squared value of the
    nth step for each walker and average the row of walkers positions at each step.

    Code for the subroutine Calculate:
    This does not have any attempt at the averaging part in it.

    Code (Text):

          subroutine calculate(a,b,m,n,ran,d,r_ran,x,f,v)
          integer a,b,m,n,d(n),x(n),v
          real ran(n),r_ran(n),f(v)
          do j=1,v
             d(j)=(f(j)*a0+b0)/m0                             }Basic arithmetic for the
             f(j+1)=(f(j)*a0+b0)-d(j)*m0                      }eq: (a*([seed #])+b)/Mod(m)
    c                                                         }Gives the remainder for each calculation
            do i=1,n
                if (r_ran(i) .le. 0.5) then                  }Normalization of random number
                  x(i+1) = x(i)-1                            }to set (0,1), which then determines
                else                                         }if walkers moves forward or back
                  x(i+1) = x(i)+1
                end if
            end do
          end do

    The store code for a data file is probably where I am messing up:

          subroutine store(x,n,v)
          integer n,v,x(n)
          do j=1,v
             do i=1,n
                write(1,*) x(i)
             end do
          end do
          close (1)
    I've tried x(v,n) but that isn't correct since x is not directly a function of v.

    Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated, I am still quite the novice at programming.

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    Tip: wrap your code in "code" tags to preserve the formatting. Click on the little icon with <> on it, above the text-entry field, or add them by hand, which is what I do. Hit the "Quote" button on this post to see what they look like:

    Code (Text):

        do k = 1, 10
            print *, 'Hello, world!'
        end do
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    Thanks JtBell
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