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In summary, the individual is looking for help with completing a simple coursework that will lead to a good average mark. They are not looking for anyone to do the work for them, but are asking for tips on how to proceed. The project is related to Physics, and the individual needs to meet certain requirements in order to complete the project.
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Hey guys, firs post here, like to say this seems to be nice forum, very helpful and friendly, hopefully It'll help me for months to come, and I can help as well. Suprised not to see any other topics on this, either that or my searching skills are naff, but down to business! I know this doesn't fit the format of how threads should be but this one has me stumped. I was recommended to do Physics but it's my weakest subject at A-Level, predicted a C, and that'll do very nicely ^_^, but of course, coursework is very important!

Basically, I'd like to do a simple coursework, something which will get me a solid average mark. I'm not looking for people to 'do this for me', but just some friendy helpful tips!

Cheers! :smile:

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I've done some research and decided to go with the rotary potentiometer used to measure water level. I am right in assuming I want to measure the P.D. in order to get my results, I'm just stuck on how my circuit diagram will look. Obviously I'll need a power source ;p, and a rotary potentiometer, a voltmeter to measure the P.D, but this seems a tad simplistice, what else do I need tom improve this.

EDIT: Didn't realize I could edit posts, sorry! Thanks Again.
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Could you insert a link to the website where you found the information of using such for water level measurement? A rotary pot and its circuit is known to me, but I just want to get a better idea of how you want to adapt it to suit your measurement. Wikipedia mentions it use as follows in this respect

"One popular form of rotary potentiometer is called a string pot. It is a multi-turn potentiometer with an attached reel of wire turning against a spring. It's very convenient for measuring movement and therefore acts as a position transducer."" [Broken]

Also, how will this project fit in with Physics? What are the stipulations for such required coursework?
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1. What is the purpose of the sensor project in AS Physics coursework?

The sensor project in AS Physics coursework is designed to help students develop practical skills and understanding of measurement and data analysis. It also allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a hands-on project.

2. What types of sensors can be used in the project?

There are various types of sensors that can be used in the project, such as temperature sensors, light sensors, motion sensors, force sensors, and more. The type of sensor used will depend on the specific experiment or measurement being conducted.

3. How do I choose the appropriate sensor for my project?

The sensor you choose should be relevant to the measurement you are trying to make. Consider factors such as range, accuracy, sensitivity, and compatibility with the equipment you are using. It is also important to consider the cost and availability of the sensor.

4. Can I design my own sensor for the project?

Yes, you can design your own sensor for the project. However, it is important to ensure that it is accurate, reliable, and meets the requirements of the experiment. You may also need to seek guidance from your teacher or a professional in the field.

5. How should I present my sensor project in my coursework?

Your sensor project should be presented in a clear and organized manner. This may include a title, introduction, methodology, results, analysis, and conclusion. You should also include any relevant diagrams, graphs, or tables to support your findings. It is important to follow the guidelines provided by your teacher or coursework instructions.

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